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Welcome back, manager! We have advance to the final round. We have clawed our way through struggles and obstacles. Just for this moment. Now we are one of the Top tier teams. There is no way we’re gonna lose the final round, right? These following cups are currently live. Play for free on your first try!
Drop zone battle: your objective in this mode is to collect cheat code points by retrieving the supply drop faster than your opponent. Killing an opponent will also be count as points. The first team to collect the objective point wins the game.

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Look, there are two boxes dropped at two different locations! They are located in route A and C. Let’s send our players there so they can acquire points faster. Let’s choose the route that our players will take! I recommend you send players to the drop box area, located in route A or C. Active skills will go on cooldown when used, so use them wisely.

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Room, wallpaper and flooring: find more game house customization after you gain more prestiges! Place more objects, build room, and change your walpaper or floor tile to show case your success. Gamehouse will be your home, headquarter, and office! We will certainly need some players. Joan, Edwin, Cruz, Rommel, and Reyes have joined your team.
Scrim stages can be challenged anytime and as many time as you want. The harder the stage, the better the rewards. You will get boxes with better rewards by taking on harder mission stages. Open the box by using our keys or cheat codes.
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eSports Manager Role advantages: Tanker (green) - heavy unit with slow movement speed and short range weaponary. This unit is basically a walking tank with big health point. Strong against the assaulter (1,5 x damage against assaulter role) but weak against the specialist role.
Assaulter: quick unit with rapid fire weaponary. An assaulter is strong against the specialist, but weak against the tanker. Weapon: rifle and pistol. Specialist - distance shooter. Weapon - sniper. Gems are very important! You can use them to recruit strong pro players. Summon: this is where you can scout better units from all over the world. Ultra rare counter - if a character is recruited with gems, the counter will increase by 1 whenever a non ultra rare character is drawn.

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Battle tips: role advantage - tanker, assaulter, and specialist are the 3 main roles you will find in the game’s battle.Each of them has advantage over the other in form of bonus damage. Tanker> assaulter> specialist >tanker. In this example tanker will get his damage multiply when hitting an assaulter but he will take more damage if shot by a specialist.
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