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Eterna Heroes Fall cheat world: you are playing a key role in the history of Gentura. Appreciate your time here! You have so musch more yet to explore. Centura - its largest continent, home of Humes. Ma nemi is cheat-on. Our prophecies foretold your arrival centuries ago - it's a special honor to have been part of it. I have summoned you as our world is on the verge of collapse. We need to move out now. The destinator of our order is waiting for you. Tap on the order's training camp to gallop there.

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We shall prepare you for combat as well. Here, please take this sword and shield. You can choose between two different close combat skills. The advanced skill will hit your enemy and also gradually increase your strength, while the focus skill provides a basic damage. It's advised to open fight with the advanced skill. Note that it has a cooldown, though. Using your skills accumulates focus in the vial left from the focus skill slot. The focus skill itself always provides the most focus.

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Class: crusader - sturdy warriors wreaking havoc on the battlefield, wielding mighty weapons. Possible specializations: champion - mastering swordsmanship, they rely on their superior combat powess alone. Berserker -suffering wounds drives them into relentless battle frenzy. Soul knight - favoured by the creators they on the front line valiantly, with a grim spirit.
Sentinel - agile predators, relying on cunning and techniques to outsmart enemies. Possible specializations: shadowrunner - slips in the shadows to strike at their foes unexpectedly. Bounty hunter - armed with longbow, best of their kind said to never suffer wounds from battle. Alchemist - using alchemy and deadly concoctions to dispose of their enemies.

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Channeler - mages of centura trained in the wizard circle of silverbook. Specializations: warpriest - warrior wielding great hammers and holy light to heal wounds and cure ailments. Elementalist - channelers using the elements power to destroy their foes. Dark ritualist - uses dark magic to drain foes' life essence and curses to weaken and destroy them. Ranged skills are used to attacks from ranged stance, which is how most combat encounters start.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Once the focus vial is full, you can cast a special, more powerful form of your focus skill, the ultimate. The storybook contains your detailed quest logs and rapt of it is the encyclopedia, where you will gradually learn more about the monsters, the locations and the lore of Eterna. As you gain experience, you get stronger and learn new moves. Two new skills were unlocked during your last level up. Tap on the empty ranged skill and normal skill slots and equip the for combat. The one who initiates combat gets to deal the first blow. This is a tremendous advantage, use it whenever you can!

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Tutorial Eterna Heroes Fall (wiki): you can either use your advanced skill to power up yourself, your normal skill to quickly damage your enemy or focus skill to attack and gather focus. Hit points (HP) are a crucial part of combat, you might need to heal yourself in the fray. You'll need healing potions, herbs (both accessible from your combat preparation scree too) or healing skills to do so. Your HP is aslo slowly regenerating, and you're completely and instantaneously healed at every level up.

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