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Welcome, intruders! Don’t panic, i won’t drive you away. I just want to get some replies from you. Have you felt the same as well? As a strange scene i have the feel of deja vu. I suppose you’ve heard deja vu. That feeling of familiarity is an illusion. Well, do you really think it’s was an illusion? If you have visited here...I forgot everything. If you have done something...i forgot everything. You will pay for the long forgotten errors. For atonement? How can you tell it is memory or just illusion? Speaking of it really seeing is believing? Is memory meant to be forgotten? Try to think it up. Before the world finds its end.

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Are you nervous? You can’t have forgotten how to battle, can you? When dealing with this mob we don’t need to use our full power. Do you still remember ultimate skill? Time recall. It turns back time 4 seconds. Use it to break control effects and to recover HP. Give it a taste of our might. An HP crystal dropped! Picking up it will recover your HP.

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City districts that are covered in black fog have been corrupted by a black gate. Black gates from the dimension will appear at random locations in the city, whence monsters and black fog will come. Our duty is to destroy monsters and black gates to protect mankind.
Tap to open memory cache and retrieve your memory fragments. Press and hold to infuse your strength. Blitz - rest the attack of the incoming enemies.

Eternal City wiki
Wielder Niya - the devil dog, one of the officers of the downtown district. Make sure you don’t do any wrong in my zone of duty. Commanders have the power to strengthen wielders. Be sure to take advantage of different wielders’ strengths by changing them during battle. During combat commanders can select one of the deployed wielders to focus the buffs on. Niya will gain powerful ability buffs. However, switching the current characters will cost extra energy. In battle, commanders typically have enough battle to support three wielder switches unless more energy can be regained in combat. Tap on the upper left corner to switch the current wielder.

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  • Switching wielderEternal City Switching wielder: switching wielders will also heal some HP for both characters and grant to the wielder to be controlled with a power bonus. Switch wielder to consume skill pointsEternal City Switch wielder to consume skill points.
  • Switching consumes energy, which can be gained by picking up prisms dropped by monsters.

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Tutorial Eternal City(wiki):
  • Next up i’ll teach you about the management of construction at the central department. Central department - human headquarters in the war against the xeno dimension, and the base of operations of the wielders. After the black gate of a district has been destroyed. Liberated zone will be brought in. Commanders have the authority to manage areas. Our job is not only to destroy black gates, but also to return this city to its former glory.
  • You can patrol district with your wielders, which is adamant for improving friendship with them. While patrolling with a wielder, you will sometimes run into special events related to them.
  • The sum of your wielders patrol ability must fulfill the requirement.
  • In districts that have been freed, apart from being able to patrol, the commander also has the authority to construct and develop.

Eternal City tutorial

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