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Free hack Eternal Rhapsody cheats code list - gold, legendary weapon, honor, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Eternal Rhapsody cheat world: my father went missing. It had been months since the Emperor ordered my father to leave on an expedition. Search was sent to Garmania, but they could not find any traces of my father. My stepmother insisted that i looked for him...And i agreed, eager to fulfill my duty as his first heir.

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However, that night...My dear ones, Giuseppe and Lucy, came rushing. They warned me of a plot. A plot set up by my stepmother to murder me - had set up a plot to overthrow me and have her son Reyes rise as the new Heir. Everything was scheme. We were betrayed. Soon afterwards, the soldiers of Reyes came charging in to surround us. Giuseppe drew his sword with valor, but we were outnumbered. My friend, he sacrificed his life to save mine. Lucy and i fled at once. But we had nowhere to go and i was in too much pain.. The mana was consuming me..."to the Haunted forest!" We followed the last words of Giuseppe, and headed to the forest. The very forest that sucked the souls of all living things. We were betrayed. We were alone.

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Come quickly! We must go at once! use basic attacks to feel the waters, first. Combo attacks are more powerful if you're quick enough to land the next blow. You can use the travel and battle button to prepare for battle straight away. You can counterattack a monster without getting hurt. use the gauge to find the right timing for a counterattack. You will miss your timing if you're too quick or too late.

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When the gauge says good, you'll still be able to counterattack with a mediocre damage. When the gauge says great, you'll be able to deliver a devastating blow on your enemy. You can only perform a number of counterattacks in a stage. You have special skills - if you gather your strength for a set number of turns, you can use it. Ultimate attack is the most powerful skill a companion has. You can only perform ultimate attacks when the gauge is full.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: can you see the thing shining in the bottom? Light element - bonus skill attack, dark - bonus basic attack. If the companion's elment matches the lement, you will gain buff effects for your battle. Press the change button to match your companions with their elements. Try using your special attack when you get the chance.
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Tutorial Eternal Rhapsody(wiki): We got some gear from the monsters/ If we equip this gear, we can get stronger. We should level up our gear to make it stronger. Construct your ultimate Deck for Combat, Trading, and Mining. Learn different tactics and find the optimal Combat, Trading, and Mining tactic for your alliance.
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