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The gate to the abyss has opened, the dark power has eroded the continent of Marsland. The guardian Goddess Ymir has lead the warriors to venture deep into the relic to prevent it from happening.
Dear adventurer, welcome to the continent of Marsland! The dark force is eroding this world, I hope you can summon the powerful cavalry to defeat them together with me. Now follow my guide and get yourself familiar with this world!

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The first step to be stronger is to start quests and earn coins. Enter shop panel to collect free 10x ATK to help you clear stages faster. There is a chance to drop chests during the battle, please tap on the chest 3 times. The menu from “shop” provides many useful feature, make sure to check and use frequently.

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If it’s hard to beat the stage, “rebirth” and enhance the hero is a good choice. During the rebirth, the higher the stage, the more badge you can get. Each dungeon has race limit and opening time. The rewards from arena and daily ranking war can be issued via mails after rankings is over.
Eternal Saga wiki
Seduction skills is only suitable for male hero. You may change skill at settings from hero menu. Attack of heroes can be divided as “ Physical ATK” At hero’s slots, you can only deploy up to 12 heroes. Hero may retreat backwards from the “knock back” effect from the attack. Each hero has their own exclusive talent, which can be activated upon reaching designated levels to make.

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  • 4. yiBWU6yTYw4Ldf9 - promo code
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  • 6. 6X75WUtlU6AsPze - auto clicker
  • 7. i79dwJKKYsygcI9 - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. hdhr66mF3DfPXLR - premium pack
  • 9. z98jqbp1VpwGBRg - chest
  • 10. S7qBUGvmtwNafu5 - vip ticket

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • The character with “red protection shield" willhave a 99% chance to block all physical, magic attacks.
  • THe hero with "blue protection shield" is immune to magic attacks.
  • The monster being "knocked into the air" or "knocked back" cannot perform attacks.
  • While in "dungeon", the hero levels auto clickerd through coins will not be calculated, only the enhanced levels will be calculated.
  • Even if you end your game, you may still acquire coins through automatically.

Eternal Saga tips
Tutorial Eternal Saga(wiki):
  • The higher the level of the coins quest unlocks, the more the coins acquired from chest.
  • While in arena, only the enhance level of the badge will be kept.
  • You may re-purchase sold hero from "hero inventory", including evolved hero.
  • After evolving, the hero would not only become more powerful, but also own race special skill.
  • When selling heroes, you can 100% recollect the badges used for purchasing or enhancing the heroes.
  • You may change skill at settings from hero menu.

Eternal Saga tutorial

Tips to repair durability Eternal Saga:

fix error with the server, bugs, lags, crashes. Legion Priest - common ATK: unleashes the holy Aura to deal magic damage (with knocked back and stunned effect). Skill ATK: casts the divine Blessing, which dispels the stunned and frozen status of up to 3 of friendly units, the target will also become immune to be stunned and frozen for a period of time at the meantime, it also restores a certain amount of HP. Special ability: blessing of God: there is a 2% chance in every 10 stages at story stage to receive a 2 minute long 5x game speed (triggering chance can be stacked).
Eternal Saga tips to repair

Knight - deals damage to a single enemy unit. Skills ATK: deals 150% of physical damage to one single enemy unit, and deals splash damage to all enemy units in adjacent to the target.
Elf blade thrower - launches magic arrows to attack enemy unit and knock back the target. Skill ATK: launches 4 magic arrows to attack the enemy units and knock back the target.
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