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3yERv2 - vitality
UrfFXR - lucky box
QNjVAE - gear
WzStv8 - secret mode code
dBStIa - luxury bag
4pCK5V - free coupons
r6LyP2 - stat point pack
FZQeWN - secret skin
DSKbXO - fixed bug
ktJWTl - evolve hack
pafzbY - gift code 2020
Hey, who is that, look here, look here! yes, that’s you! Oh, another dull fellow. Never mind, i heard that a hero is not a hero before he becomes a hero. Give it a try. Keke (suddenly replaced lovely Lolita sound), dear brave, welcome to the fairy tale world, o am the fairy elf dear brave, welcome to the fairy tale world, i am the fairy elf. Wait, don’t talk. let me finish my lines. (Seriousness of the royal sister tone and then replaced by Lolita sound) The fairy tale world is now under great threat. In the dark magic of the evil lord erosion, many fairy tale characters are lost in a dream, and i ask you to rescue them together, will you?
Keke (voice changed back intact), that’s the way it is, let’s go, we go to save Cinderellas rest of the things i will slowly teach you.

Eternal Night hack

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Well, here it is the red fort, where Cinderella learning magic, but after the invasion by the evil lord, “fairy godmother” has disappeared, but Cinderella is also trapped in here. Your first task is to lead Cinderella out of here. Danger? Nonsense, there is no danger, then, why should you be here? Click the button to make Cinderella forward, come on.
Bottom, all the fighting through played cards to complete. These are your cards, through reasonable play various types of cards, you can defeat the enemy and win the combat.

Eternal Night cheats, hack codes

1. IMJvqq - level up
2. oaBs09 - voucher
3. vK7c5A - shard
4. XSfm15 - free stat point
5. NOtESk - characters

Magic bullet - basic damage class magic card, in the absence of a better card reluctant to use it now. In order to protect small gray from harm, we want to use the defend card to defense. Defense is the basic for a defense class skill card, 5 block can be offset 5 damage. Monsters are silly here, you will be prompt before each turn they intent, your attack and defense will be based on their intent. Basic brand - which is exclusively hero or followers of card, while it play will end your turn. This type cards can often form a linkage, with other card effect, so be sure to plan well before use, to play its biggest roll.
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Silver code DFHI6O - take, purchase cards purchase treasure and purchase potion, those thing can not be less. ezTtTm - this is a cheat pack of cards, choose a card to open it, the novice level, not out of anything good. View card instructions, select three cards from a deck on your right.
in front of a question mark events room, it represents the next step you will encounter some adventure. In the event you need to make some choice, each choice will bring different results, so be sure to carefully read, choose carefully oh.
Follower capture card - the name show what it’s funcation, about the follower let me think about how to day this..You can be understood as the hero’s sidekick, summon play fighting when you can work together, continue to move forward, i’ll teach you how to capture the follower.

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Code number Cheat Hack title
1 bN3AIR upgrade
2 QgOhUI stat point
3 KqlxuD coupon
4 M6Sal6 promo code
5 M6Sal6 gift box
6 6tXzsJ gold coins
7 iLgEcW month card
8 omVT3Y premium pack
9 cInTVQ legendary gear
10 yP9uZn vip ticket
11 6IN5S7 gear pack

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Eternal Night tips
Hack cheats tutorial Eternal Night (wiki):
IMJvqq - hero medal (golden medal, can be used to train hero and increase hero level)
oaBs09 - wishing stone ( a magical stone that can be used to make a common wish)
vK7c5A - gold (glittering coins, the common currency in fairy tale world, can be used for the purchase and upgrade of various items)
H5haKm - enter the recruit code to get rewards. Recruited 1 teammates and clear story mode 1st night dawn to claim reward.
Hack XSfm15 - artifacts
Cheat NOtESk - growth funds
DFHI6O - elite ticket. ezTtTm - exchange code how and where enter
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