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Possible to move characters by drag, touching left side of screen. If you stop touching, it determine whether continue with the automatic fight or not depends on auto function's on/off status. If the auto function is turned on where the bottom right side, use the skill automatically. On the other hand, if it's turned off, target range is limited, automatic skill function also going off. If the monster drops item/ potion item, the toggle button on the bottom of right side is activated. If you click the toggle button, the item moves to trophy box. ALso, you can get reward from reward box when you clear the stage.

Eternal S cheats, hack codes

1. LOYMEkZB - random box
2. 1GzXIkut - gold coins
3. Enter MGmpebcc - artifact
4. Pass Apu8sCFt - epic gear
5. RyBeFzlB - level up
6. Enter xQlYs1NP - upgrade
7. psXf3Xfu - premium introductory growth package
8. bTnK8WUj - diamonds
9. 6g5rUjFT - blessed enchant scroll
10. vglDz8Rv - auto item pick up buff
11. p6yh7jWP - flex box - weapon: claim 11 weapons randomly which included random box exclusive. Royal item's capacity is 30% higher than field drop/ making item.
12. fjTeUEbb - gift pass
13. HLm27l0q - game coupon code

Battle basics: Store - if you buy an automatic toggle buff from the expendables section, the drop item automatically move to the reward box even if you didn't do individual toggle.
Reinforce item - when over +6 equipment reinforce fails, equipment may be destroyed. Please select item to disassemble in your bag. Item disassembling can take dow up to 20 types of items at once. If you check the grade, item of that grade are disassemble.

Skills Eternal S hack tools: skill ability - enchant skill damage and own ability. Skill effect damage angle - increase skill effect range angle. Decreasing MP loss - reduce MP consumption of skill. Decreasing cooldown time - decrease re-use time.

Basics: power ranking will be updated after being tallied at 03:00 everyday. Tip for increasing power: do reinforce ability and item. The arena rankings are tallied and updated after the field closed. Tier reward will provide the every day, season reward will provide every Saturday.
You can make an item which is set as to fit the completing rank/ area, and the item has update every 1 hour for free. Use diamonds or cheats to refresh your made items immediately.

Eternal S gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Some monsters use the abnormal skill.
  • 2. If you meet the requirements, you can change the class.
  • 3. 7 day event for new users: If you attend every day, you can receive good rewards. If you miss attendance even once, you will lose all remaining rewards. If you achieve 84 days of attendance, it will be initialized at 3:00 on that day.
  • 4. The items received (used) from the mailbox are limited to refund.

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