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Eternal Sword M Game story: it could not be prevented. The resurrection of Levitas the dark God by illusand. All hope has been devoured. The world hurtles towards destruction. It all happened in an instant. The dark magic that covered the swept through our homeland. Our losses were great. Allies fell one by one. You adventure through time like a shooting star, and have returned to 7 days before the end of the world.

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Collect designated R1blue quality and higher rank gears to activate star soul star of travelers. Participate in daily event and benefit events to earn items. You will get all kinds of familiars in the future and you can match them as you wish. Class advance is unlocked on day 1. Awaken elemental powers and learn new skills. Use enhance stone - an item used to improve weapon and gear’s level. This jade like crystal, according to the old craftsmen in Liberty city, contains adventurers’ souls. It can bring power to weapons and gears.

Eternal Sword M cheats, hack codes

Mage: Scholar - are good at using the power of ice to freeze and slow enemies in a wide range, making it possible to control numerous enemies. They often use lethal ice magic to launch the final blow. Wizard - are good at using the power of thunder to strengthen themselves and weakening enemies, making them a game changer sometimes. Cabalist - is skilled with fire, capable of dealing lethal damage to enemies in a large radius. Their research into magic allows them to use devastating, ultimate skills.

Gunner: magic gunner - is skilled with thunder. They use special magic bullets to deal damage to enemies within range. Each magic bullet has special effects within range. Each magic bullet has special effects to either weaken enemies or buff themselves. Sniper - a master of flames, sniper is good at launching fatal strikes to enemy from long range. You never know when the bullets will land on your forehead, or where do they come from.
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Miko: Spell master - utilize the power of thunder to summon spell magic attack and weaken the enemies, making them more vulnerable to damage. Fan dancer is good at using the power of ice in melee fight. A master of Aikido, she can heal herself and her teammates while attacking enemies, which wins her advantage as the battle goes on.
Swordsman: Cold blade - is good at using the force of cold ice, controlling rivals and diminishing their power. They have an extremely high unit DMG and own a long distance ATK ability. Ghost slayer - is a good at using the force of fire, dealing tons of DMG to multiple enemies, just like an evil ghost that can scare enemies to death.

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