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Warrior awoke from unconsciousness, the dragon is destroying the world soon, and only you can save us! Your memory recovered as you woke up. Still remember what happened once, the dragon slaying battle? Temporary oblivion isn't that bad though. Now let's recruit your first hero in the character's altar. Consume normal pts to make a normal summon in the altar and randomly obtain heroes from 1-sta to 5-star. Fantastic! You summoned the legendary Frozen mage. Now start the first battle on your legendary journey and use cheat codes!

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Years later, people will still remember the deeds of the great warrior. Click hero’s avatar and select the hero to fight. Heroes will increase rage when attacking or being attacked. Skills will be released when rage is full. Victory! Now we can receive rewards after exploration! You obtained hero fragment. Now check it in your backpack and compose this character. Fragments is an important source to summon heroes. Click to synthesize!

Eternal Warfare cheats, hack codes

New hero is a reliable tank. He can withstand damage for other heroes! We need to upgrade heroes to gain stronger power and defeat the dragon! Click “upgrade x5” when you have enough gold coins and experience. AFK in the Foresea to get great rewards. Check what you have obtained! Sometimes you can drag to change hero’s position. It will make your lineup more powerful. Front line soldiers usually take more damage from enemies and are suited as tanks. Back line heroes usually cause more damage to enemies and are suited as attacking and healing heroes.
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Remember to claim rewards frequently to make you stronger. The maximum duration of AFK is 8 hours each time! Secret: combat restricted races will cause 25% damage bonus! Hearing about your heroic deeds, villagers present you the best weapon in the village - artifact. If you want to grow faster, we should learn to explore the continent faster. Make quick explorations to upgrade your level and get much experience. Hope you can grow faster and create your own legend.

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8 Inx9Aj premium pack
9 spG7kJ legendary gear
10 d1v0D8 vip ticket
11 LHcNzz gear pack

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2Aa8nw - resources (wood, stone, food, iron, silver)
Khzt2J - treasure chest
J87s1u - hyper attack
xf9xTX - vip status
4VRphO - star tokens
Hack kWBJOa - artifacts
Cheat XrmCKz - evade
HwZqZP - elite ticket
0NtKLh - exchange cheat code

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