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Overview - throughout the levels there are certain obstacles you must get your creature through. There are two attributes to each obstacle: shape and color. Use your controls on the left and right to set your creature up to match the upcoming obstacle. Creature - the little creature is yours to control, it is able to change shape and color at your command. Timing these transformations will be key to success. Obstacles - for gray obstacles, your character can be any color, but must match the shape of the obstacle. For colored obstacles, your character must match both color and shape to pass.

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Drawing mode - only available on touch enabled devices. To play using drawing gestures, simply turn on the drawing gestures option “on” in the settings page. The level screen has 3 sections, each with its own color indicator at the top of the section. To control the creature, simply draw one of the 3 shapes in the appropriate section of the screen. The creature will take its shape from the drawing and its color from the section of the screen the shape was draw.

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Power ups: speed up - increase your creature’s speed for a short period of time. Slow down - decreases speed. Full shield - protection against shape and color, it will lost until used. I was created to monitor and evaluate your performance in corporate’s future fitness test. Have you ever read on instruction manual? Me neither. So i didn’t bother with one. There are six buttons. Use them wisely and in a timely manner to avoid the destruction of this adorable little creature. We wouldn’t want that now, would we?
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