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Welcome to new Eden! The DED will protect your rights and closely follow your future development. Learn to observe your surroundings. Only in this way can you discover hidden danger and opportunities in time. Next, zooming out the camera will give you a greater field of view, which can help you learn more about your surrounding environment and the location of your target. On the contrary, zooming in can help you observe closely, and get a better view of your own ship’s status.
In new Eden, you are only safe when you dock at a space station. Select stations tab on the overview, tap Tew VII - imperial academy and dock.

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Battle: find the enemy targets from “overview - nearby” and lock them by double tap. Tap the weapon icon in the lower right corner to attack (you can only attack locked target). Please keep attacking until target destroyed (turret will keep firing after activated. You don’t need to activate again).
It’s time for you to switch to a better ship. This will make you stronger. Open market services from the station. What’s best for you is what suits you. Go to the market page and choose frigate from the ship menu, then purchase executioner on the right hand side.

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Race: Armarr Empire - a theocratic society ruled by the Amarr Empress, is the largest and oldest empire in New Eden. The Amarr are generally highly educated, devoutly religious, and accepting of slavery. Despite the setbacks they have encountered in recent history, the Amarr still boast the most socially stable empire and the most powerful military.
Gallente Federation - freedom comes above all else in the eyes of the Gallente, who have contributed to human society a group of the most outstanding leaders, scientists, and businessmen in modern history. The Gallente federation welcomes immigrants more than any other empire - the huge demand for labor, diverse cultural atmosphere, and humane immigration policies attract people of all ethnicities, beliefs and skin colors.
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Caldari state - was founded on t he tenets of patriotism and hard work. Under the guidance of these ideals, its early leaders struggled hard to achieve greatness. Today, the Caldari state has become a powerful corporate dictatorship. Ruthless and efficient in the boardroom as well as on the battlefield, the Caldari are living emblems of strength, persistence, and dignity.
Minmatar republic - was founded more than a centry ago in the Great rebellion, supported by the Gallente federation. Only a quarter of minmatars live in the republic, and the rest are scattered across all corners of new Eden, many still being subjected to enslavement by the Amarr. Today, the Minmatar republic is an empire with a strongly nomadic culture.

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Amarr men are highly politically minded. They are the perfect planners, with the cool headedness and persistence needed to bring their goals to completion. Amarr women attach great backbones of Amarr families.
Most Ni-kunni are traders, and are vital to the economy of the Empire. Males are sly, cunning, and unscrupulous, while Ni-kunni women are charming, seductive, and suspicious by nature - they are adept at using their charms to discover the weaknesses of others.
Khanid - males are proud of their warrior heritage, fully embracing their traditional martial lifestyle. Khand females tend to be fiercely independent and resourceful - they bow down to no one, prefferring to be the masters of their own destiny. how and where enter

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