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Free hack Eventide cheats code list - gold, dash, evolve, promo ticket, shadow light, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Eventide cheat world: in ancient times, when the world was consumed by war and famine, a new order arose. The shadow monks. They brought peace and justice to a world devastated by evil, but were twisted themselves in their crusade for good. Having made a bargain with the depths to conquer death itself, they would return. Return from the afterlife...return from Eventide. But one resisted corruption...

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Dash attack: dash is both your offensive and defensive move, use it to combat enemies and avoid danger. YOu can dash two times before your dash goes on cooldown. Hit an enemy with a dash to regain it. Tap the right joystick to DASh forward, ot use the joystick to aim your dash.

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Chain multiple dashes together in a short period of time gives you combo. When your combo is high enough you gain unlimited dashes for a short period of time. You only have 1 life, but second wind allow you to perform one last dash instead of dying. Hit an enemy in second wind and you get brought back into the game.

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Second wind is only available when your second wind meter is fully charged. Charge your second wind meter by collecting the light from the enemies you kill.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Assume the role of a powerful Shadow Monk and delve deep into the mysterious realm of Eventide. In this fast-paced action game, you will have to master the power of the dash if you want to make it out alive and restore peace and order to the World.
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Tutorial Eventide(wiki): • No in-game purchases – only your skill and the game • Fast, reaction-based combat • Refined controls for optimal player empowerment • Everchanging levels keeps the playing field of Eventide evolving and exciting • Difficult, but fair gameplay • Harness the power of the dash to chain great combos together • Environmental storytelling with deep lore • Exciting and emotionally powerful soundtrack will keep you on your toes • Stunning, unique and minimalistic art style
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