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Wandering across galaxies, you’ve been hunting for power and wealth for as long as you can remember. You’ve had successes, but all of them too small for your ambition. Until one day, a barren planet, Zeta, was hit by a mysterious asteroid with a shower of meteor, which brought great resources, wealth and power even greater than your wildest dream. Countless frontiers, like yourself, swarmed in planet Zeta for their share of the wealth.

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However, the local warlord, the so called “emperor” doesn’t seem to be in a hospitable mood. You’ll have to fight your way out of the encirclement before you can really launch your campaign of conquest. Landing successful Sir, all system norminal. Planetary colony vessel deploying in 10,9,8 ...Alert, incoming in deployment area! Deployment interrupted on 50%. We need external reinforcement! Activate local mercenary protocol and hire a hero immediately.

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1. ejo9X1 - level up
2. u4vBSF - voucher
3. RwOMtU - shard
4. D3JlQ5 - artifact
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Angar - this is where we hire heroes. We can get heroes with different traits and abilities here. Formation screen - where we deploy heroes and assign soldiers. We must clear the perimeter for planetary colony vessel deployment. Send out the troop and eliminate the enemy. Ok, seems our troops has routed the enemy. We can replay the battle any time in battle report system. During a battle turn, the foremost heroes attacks first in an attacking party> defending party order.
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Then the middle heroes, then the rear heroes. The attack range of all heroes is 3, which means the foremost hero may attack enemies in any position. And the middle hero may attack enemies in foremost and middle positions. The battle ends once a party is wiped out. Our heroes got enough experience from the past battles and leveled up! Replenish their soldiers as they can lead more now.
Countless frontiers like yourself has landed in the outer crates. Contact them, form alliances, face the ultimate challenge and conquer the entire planet. Now that we are properly set up, we shall start to expand and conquer the whole planet.

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This is a MMO strategy game in which you can hire and enhance heroes, upgrade modules, form alliances, conquer territories and battle each other on an alliance basic for domination.
The planet has become extremely resource rich since the meteor impact, and it’s your destiny to become its new owner. Hire powerful heroes, train various soldiers, join an active alliance and conquer vast territories. But be careful. Though a common enemy exists for all players, you’ll have to defeat most of them and fight your way out to achieve the ultimate triumph.
Now venture forth, frontier. May your conquest become the legend for centuries to come! oTjFO5 - meteoric shard
40SbIV - resources: wood, ore, fuel
CKvI7a - energy
EYAiVu - speed up
Hack 8USl7j - unlock events
Cheat shLdt2 - troops
YYtSw7 - elite ticket. how and where enter
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