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Since you came back safely, this has proved that your strength has greatly improved, your growth rate is really surprising. The next is to solve the pixy's problem. Walter has made a detailed description, attack is the best defense, we will now take the initiative to attack. According to Walter's deployment, we are now going to wipe out the chief of red armor demons, that is God armor demons, your weapons has ben enhanced.

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Characters: Swordsman - is a natural superior fighter, strong body makes him extremely suitable for further fighting the enemy. When facing strong enemy, swordman also can extraordinary strength. Prophet - holds strong ice thunder power, can simply cause a wide range damage to enemy. Her swift moves allow her to travel freely in battles. Ranger - has faster ATK speed and strong flexibility, at the same time of cause damage to enemy. Ranger also can get out of it.

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Precise shooting - ranger's basic ATK skill, shooting an arrow forcefully, to current target deal with 105% DMG. Tunder strike - prophet's basic ATK skill, by summoning thunder lightning. Deal 118% DMG and 18 extra DMG to current target.

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