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Free hack Evertale cheats code list - ultra evolution, soul stone, gold, promo ticket, summon, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Evertale cheat world: The Pandemonium. A shroud of evil that descends upon the land of Erden once every 100 years. A wave of havoc and carnage, led by an immortal being known as the Eternal, that devastates all it touches. Westland, 2218. The previous pandemonium, was a mere 18 years ago...
You can always fight monsters in bushes, but a shaking bush means there is a unique monster inside.

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Powerful skills flash when their conditions are met, but let’s use a basic attack to weaken it. Monsters are easier to capture when they have low HP. Catch the lightling! You captured a lightling and found a weapon! Add lightling to your team and equip the weapon to Finn.

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Let’s learn how to use skills effectively! The skill display contains key information about your skills. TU - time unit cost of skill. TU cost determines the cooldown time after you use a skill. Turn order bar - characters are placed in order of the amount of TU remaining before their next move.
Right now, the enemy boss is at 125 TU. Using a 100 TU skill like this one would.

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Push it back by 100 TU, allowing it to get its next turn before the boss. Using a 200 TU skill would...Push it back by 200 TU, making its next turn after the boss. You can always get more info about skills by tapping here! Posion - gains 1 spirit and poisons target (will overwrite other status effects).

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