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Hello, welcome to the game. I'll now explain how to progress easily through the game. If you are a beginner it's best to complete the beginner's missions step by step. When progressing on a beginner's mission an exclamation mark means the mission is in progress. The question mark means that the mission is completed. After completing a beginner's mission click on the question mark so that you can get the prize and move on. The beginner's missions can be completed easily if you progress by following the arrows.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): First, the silver used to level up a hero can be obtained through quests. Tap “auto quest” - when you automate quest completion you receive silver automatically. You can use the silver eanred from quests to level up heroes. You can easily make your heroes into experts if you just level up quests and level up your heroes.
Everybody's RPG Reborn cheat, Step #2: Items are divided into rune, equipment, and material items. You have to clear the stages until stage 20. Increase your silver gain by leveling up quests. Then level up your hero level by using the silver obtained. It’s also very important to equip heroes with new equipment in the inventory menu after obtaining new equipment.
Everybody's RPG Reborn code, Step #3: When all heroes are slain, they are revive at a previous stage. Rebirth is available after stage 20. It’s a path for heroes to grow stronger. After rebirth your stage is reset to 1, and rebirth points are given according to the maximum stage cleared however the heroes’ stats that were leveled up with silver and quest progress are reset.
Everybody's RPG Reborn hack tools, Step #4: Armor is divided to cloth, leather, chain and plate. Armor ca be equipped on the head, chest, legs, hands and feet. After promotion the hero’s upgrade levels remains the same. Artifact: revive book - after stage is cleared slain heroes revive with an additional 3,0% of Max HP. Magic clock - game speed increased by 1%. Piggy bank - amount of silver obtained from quests increased by 2%.

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