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How are you doing? I’m your avatar and the chief of this town. As you can see this world is in ruin. Well, anyway to rebuild this town. We need to accommodate and build conveniences for the hunters who visit this town. Alright for starters, tap a hunter to start a conversation. We need to accommodate and build conveniences for the hunters who visit this town. Hunters come back with a lot of loot. The town can buy this loot to craft or produce various products. You can request the loot you want to buy before hand.

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The hunters will automatically sell their loot, so just back and watch. Oh right by the way, the trading post is the building with the green roof. Trading post - helps the town purchase loot from hunters. When upgraded to level 2 adds purchase reservation list of normal difficulty. Tap a hunter and press items> sell materials to prompt the hunter to sell their loot. When a hunter’s HP is low they want to be treated. Produce bandages and hunters who need treatment will go to the infirmary to heal up.

Evil Hunter Tycoon cheats, hack codes

Hunters who use the infirmary, consume 1 linen bandage per visit. If you request something, hunters who return from the field will go check to see if they can sell their loot. Hunters need to be weel fed in order for them to hunt. We should build a restaurant for the hungry hunters. Tap on the construct tab to build the restaurant. Before we start constructing new buildings, we should get into a habit of reserving materials we need. YOu need the weapon shop to sell the Viking sword you jast crafted.
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Look at all these hunters hard at work. It brings me to tears to see them fighting for humanity. Sometimes, there are lazy hunters who don’t pick up all the loot. They don’t realize how important very little material can be ... Don’t just stand there and watch. Go pick them up. Collect materials from the floor of the hunting ground. Collected materials will be stored in the town storage. You can craft weapons and armor at the blacksmith. If you need more materials to craft a weapon, request the materials at the trading post. When weapons are crafted, their quality will determine their ATK.

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