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Virus laden death descends upon the world. The only chance to survive: flee the city. Armies couldn’t save the day, but biologists held a ray of hope...The war of evolution is starting. Where will humanity go from here? All this is merely the beginning. The apocalypse is here. Zombies - mutants take over the world. Humanity hangs on by a thread. Humanity’s only savior is the evolution king.
Boss, plane’s looking low on fuel. 1 hour tops. There’s gotta be thousands of zombies down there. Got any ideas? Drag the crosshair on the screen to shoot infected. Time to pull out all the stops. At this rate, we’ll attract every zombie in a 100 mile radius!

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Commander, the city is well-preserved and easy to defend. It’s a good safe haven. The Farmland outside the city has been destroyed. We need to rebuild it, or else our food stores won’t last very long. Farmland is the place that produces and stores food. Upgrading farmland can increase the output and capacity. We’re almost outta fuel. If you want to keep building the city and developing the army, you need to build an oil well. With so many zombies about, just to be safe, let’s build a fighter camp and train some soldiers to bolster our forces.

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Commander, the radar system is damaged. We need to repair it ASAP. Radar station is the place where you can obtain intelligence about the enemy. Consists of 2 functions, including scouting the enemy and knowing about the incoming attack on you.
Relay my orders: develop the city, replenish the troops, and wipe out nearby zombies ASAP. We’re going to collect magic crystals. Crystals dropped by the monsters to spin it and get rewards. The wheel gives out great rewards that are a big help in city development.
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Upgrading town hall can unlock new buildings and functions. A warrior must use a genetically identical awaken potion to be activated and become an evolved warrior. Warriors are powerful and can march with your troops, but if HP is too low they can’t march. Warriors can capture zombies in the wild and enslave them as zombie workers or zombie fighters. Zombie workers are a consumable item that can help you develop your city, but they will die after use. Zombie fighters - they have great power and go marching with troops alongside a warrior. Zombie fighters will die after getting injured and will not be put into the medical camp.

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There are 2 main reasons for not having enough workers: 1. Workers are working on another building, which means you must first complete the building under construction. 2. Your city’s worker limit isn’t high enough, which means you must upgrade the residence to increase worker maximum limit. Left menu - you can view the number of workers here. Use them wisely to develop the city more effectively. xt8ud7 - skill points
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