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Evolution Education Edition Game: let me go over the basics with you. Your species is hungry! Drag it to feed. That food is worth one point at the end of the game. Your goal in evolution is to eat the most food. Add population to eat more food. Another species has come to the watering hole. Now you’re completing for food. Two population didn’t get food and starved! The environment can be unforgiving unless you adapt. A trait gives your species new abilities. Add a population so you have enough population to take two food at a time.

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This time it was your opponent who was short food. As you can see, skillfully adaptating to the environment determines who will survive. Eat the most food and win! You can also use your cards to create more species. Try to place a new trait as a trait on the correct species. Choose the correct species to feed first. Cooperation shares to the right, so feed the species on the left first. For every species you keep alive, you get extra card.

Evolution Education Edition cheats, hack codes

At the start of each round, you add food to the watering hole. That number on the cards is their food value. You’ve got 2 population to feed right now, choose wisely. Mountains of food! This is more than you can eat and gives your opponent free food. Let’s choose again. Any card can make any action. Let’s review the three things you can do with your cards: play a trait. Add a population, make a new species. Play a card to the lus sign on the left or right.
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A round ends when all species are fed, or the food runs out. Cooperation - every deeding, share 1 food to the right. Foraging - take 1 additional plant food. A round consists of: select resource card, play combination, reveal food, feed species. If you’re ever not sure what to do, check the status bar at the bottom of the screen.
Species with a hard shell have the same defensive strength as those with larger body size. Hard shell only makes a species harder to attacks, it doesnt’s change its body size.

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