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Game mechanic: during battles, the battle time line is displayed at the bottom. The hero displayed at the far right will take the first turn. One round ends when all heroes to the right of mark have taken their turns. Condition - this is a mission where you can earn stars during the battle. If there are missions for a dungeon, try completing them. You can use the acceleration button to adjust battle speed. The auto button is used to start automatic combat. Progress the story to unlock it.

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Heroes die when their health drops to 0. If you can attack, your basic attack will be selected by default. Heroes that can be selected have marks over their heads. Stars collected during the journey can be used to get rewards. Don’t forget to collect them.
Map - moving with the pad all the time can be tiresome. You can use the navigation function to get to the next story automatically. Story progress - tapping this button takes you to the area shown on the screen so you can do what’s next.

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Mana equal to the amount shown is required to use skill. This skill requires 1 mana. Zeon is an attack type so 1 mana is created upon each basic attack on an enemy. After selecting a skill, you need to select its target. Passive skill - it can be used after reaching 4 stars. Keep in mind that passive skills activate only once per round. It’s the skill hero used during the last battle. There’s no lock mark on it because it’s currently usable. This skill is called burst and can be used now. It’s a powerful skill that uses all current mana.
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The more mana you have the stronger it becomes. Keep in mind that the skill description tells you whether a skill is a burst skill. There will be times when you’re not sure how to defeat a strong looking enemy. When that happens, check the walkthrough board. You can borrow the knowledge of others. A special effect is triggered when all the remaining guardian stones are destroyed. Characters in the break status are immobilized and the final damage dealt to them is doubled. The break status ends when the number shown reaches 0. Glenn hero is a defense type so 1 mana is created every time an enemy attacks him.

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