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1. lOEfDRgM6a - level up 2. LbOYcUtpvD - awaken 3. YqKLS3QlJc - upgrade 4. Vm28rmdBjc - invisible Hey! Outta my way! You take a break! Just leave it to me! Nobody says anything! Listen to me! As the head of the publicity department, welcoming new schoolmate is my duty!
Welcome to new android game! Are you getting ready for school? Today, game is officially open! Our motto is “fight before Quarrel! Team up with your new friends and get hyped for the combat coming up! Raise your weapon high and let the battle begin now!

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Sandy - a silent girl who likes to quietly handle chores around the house. Timid and bashful. Often dragged into trouble by Froggy’s big mouth.
Ginny - passionate and righteous. gets his flame powers from his mother Maddie. Often lights his head on fire, so people call him “matchstick head”.
Arthur - an elegant and proper butler. Also the home economics teacher at No. 3 high school. Has his own “3s max handsome duration” debuff.

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1. tCPH4qEbMd - mystery items 2. 7F2CMpSr7b - increase damage 3. gq9Tee5Suc - off cooldown meaning 4. uabqXc7hD1 - crates 5. 6KsrbfstCE - Monthly Meal Plan

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The real battle is about to begin. Let’s do a quick review of duel rules first. The skill all the way on the right is different from normal skills. It’s your ultimate skill - are super powerful. Portal - you need to go back, have a rest, and rehydrate.
First, i’d like you to meet turret coach and base principal. Turret coach - can help you attack the enemy. Base principal - the game point and also helps ally defeat the enemy. Next, i’ll introduce the rules for winning.
Extraordinary Ones wiki
Follow your minions - lead your minions to attack the enemy base principal. Kill the enemies - clear minions and defeat opponent heroes. Defeat turret coach on your way, defeat base principal to win. It’s not just about who’s stronger, but who’s smarter! Fighting alone won’t win this thing! Destroy the enemy’s base! The notes have the correct way to deal with the turret coach. Red allert - signal to retreat! Otherwise coach will hit you bad! Green means go! When your minions within range, turret coach’s attack circle will turn green.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • If you attack enemy combatants within range of turret coachs or the principal, you'll get attack by them! When there's no minion's, the turret will attack you! Attacking an enemy hero within range, the turret will attack you too!
  • Base - on both sides of the map, each side has a respawn point at the end of the base. The only way to win is destroy opponent's principal's office.
  • Don't forget to buy your gear before you go out!
  • There are 3 lanes. The AP hero can choose the middle lane.
  • Use catapult to get to the battlefield.
  • Mysterious item - try to use it when fighting with enemies.

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Every minute a mystery chest will appear on the track. Pick it up to get a random chest skill and restore some HP and mana.
Call your teammate by dragging signal button.
Purifying Sphere - Sandy summons a huge Purifying sphere above herself to shoot cleaning spheres that prefer to go after locked on enemies. Each sphere will deal SP damage. Awaken: sphere can shoot to two targets at the same time.

Extraordinary Ones tutorial

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