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Tutorial: Shall we try dribbling? Move around by dragging move pad with your left thumb. Kick button with your right thumb to run. Your dribbling skills are incredible! Let’s move on to the next training. Go ahead and tap the kick button with your right thumb to pass the ball automatically to a member of your team!

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Drag the kick button to aim towards the target. The longer the drag length of the kick button, the stronger the kick. Tap the ball to perform a standing tackle to steal the ball from an opponent. Double tap the blank area on the right to perform a sliding tackle towards the ball. Steal the ball with a sliding tackle! But sliding tackles have a chance to fail, so use them carefully.

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The star symbol will be displayed under your feet once your skills has been charged. Tap theskill button to use it. I am sure you will be a star in no time! Shall we proceed with a match then? Start in rookie division: rewards will be based pn the total DP of all players owned. Gather more DP to join more powerful divisions and claim great rewards.
Extreme Football wiki
Player status - training, gifting, etc can all be done here. Firstly, i will show you how to view a players status. Team member - name, fame, and condition is shown here. Stamina, shoot, dribble, pass, defense - are the player’s basic stats. Right bar - if you want to favorite a character, tap here. You can give them 1,2, or 3 stars.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Tap the rental button to allow other managers to use your player.
  • Train your players to raise their stats.
  • Assign your players as staff in the facilities available through sales to earn more experience in matches.
  • Increase your vip status to increase the players allowed on tours, get great deals and even restock the shop for free.

Extreme Football tips
Hack cheats tutorial Extreme Football(wiki):
Events are only available for a limited time, so be sure to actively participate while you can to get your hands on great rewards.
During half time you can sub out players and recover stamina. You can only sub bench players, and not switch players on the pitch. To sub a character, tap a hero on the bench, and one on the field. And that is all! If there was anything you didn’t understant, please check the help section.
Extreme Football tutorial

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