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Where are we? Watch out, there are monsters here! We can figure out where that portal dropped us after we win. For now, we have to fight! Spring into action - seems those heroes are in trouble! Match gems by dragging your finger on gems of the same color, matching 2 or more gems. THe more gems matched, the higher the damage done. Enemy attack too! Monster’s attacks are one a countdown, visible next to their health bar. Every turn, it decreases by 1. If it reaches 0, they will attack.

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Ouch! That monster really did a number on your heroes. All heroes share a common health pool. Do not worry, matching some health will heal them very quickly! Rock, paper, scissors: there is no wrong element to attack with, but monsters do have a weakness! Tap to target a monster and deal extra damage by using typing advantage! Use library - several books are available for you to read and explore, but most are locked by a mysterious force. Tap on the Rapunzel story. The lonely tower, to begin.

Fable Age Retold cheats, hack codes

Team building: here you can select your heroes for battle! Simply tap your hero at the bottom to add him or her to your roster. Tap the hero again to remove it. Each battle will have different limitations on the number of heroes you may bring. Loop Damage - did you know that if you loop 4 or more symbols, the heroes of that element will attack all enemies? Try it out!
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Level up your soldiers! Here, you can use special books to give levels to your hero. Either tap on books to use them, or select the desired level at the bottom. The higher a unit’s level, the more health they have and the more damage they do!
You just got a very special book. These books can be used to give experience to a hero, raising their level without battling! To use, simply go to the hero menu and select the hero you want to level.

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The market is bustling with activity and home to a wonderful array of items. Come here often, and you’ll be sure to benefit. Remember to collect your loot on time and strengthen your agents. They’re waiting to follow you into battle in the new region! XHvdim - supply box
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