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Free hack Factory Town cheats code list - happines, resources, gold, promo ticket, population, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Factory Town cheat world: you need wood to build houses. Harvest wood from trees and bring it to your base. Left click on a worker to select. Then left click on a tree to target it. Worker will chop down tree, bring it back to nearest building, and repeat. Get enough wood to build a house. Houses allow you to hire more workers. You can also sell goods to them to earn gold coins and other currency! Houses don’t need to be next to your base. It’s more important that they are close to a food source like grain. Houses can be upgraded to provide additional capacity.

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Houses can be supplied with goods to earn currency and happiness. Happiness provides a passive bonus to production speed, based on how many types of goods are actively supplied. Gold and happiness will be earned when grain is consumed by the house. Workers move much faster on paths.
Lumber mills accept wood and produce planks, which you need for other buildings. You will also need to collect some stone into your base to construct this building. If you do not have enough population capacity, build a new house or delete an existing worker.

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Production buildings often have multiple recipes, you must choose which ones are active. Bring the planks to your base inventory so you can build more things. Your base can be upgraded to allow you to build more houses. Upgraded bases also have more storage capacity. To speed up resource collection, keep creating more workers and building/ supplying more houses. If you do not have enough happiness, build more houses and supply them with food.

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Build food market - markets can be loaded with items, and then nearby houses will automatically buy from them. It’s much more efficient and convenient than delivering goods to individual houses. Grain mills turn grain into flour. Flour earns more gold than grain when sold at markets and houses. Keep building and upgrading houses to increase gold income.

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