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Story: Vadelle, the kingdom that never rains. Once a green and flourishing nation, now dry and filled with deserted towns. What flourishes instead are monsters, ever increasing in number.
Game mechanic: how to attack - connect one energy track to another by rotating stone tabs. Once they are connected, stone tabs will break, and the character will attack the opponent. Stone tabs can also be broken by connecting energy tracks on the same side. Making energy circulate also breaks stone tabs.

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How to cast magic - breaking stone tabs with element (fire, water, earth, forest, wind) symbols will enable you to use magic instead of physical attacks. Breaking more than one stone tab of the same element will activate magic corresponding to the number of elements broken. BP, and turns in battle: characters attack in the order that their BP is filled up. Manage your BP well to take the lead. The higher the attack rate, the more BP is consumed will be consumed when attacking. Attacking with 200% will use more BP than attacking with 100%.

Fairy Knights cheats, hack codes

Using a shield to guard: characters can block attacks with a shield. Successfully doing so will reduce damage taken, but also reduce durability more quickly. Consecutive attacks: consecutively breaking stone tabs will add another physical or magic attack. A character can attack or use magic up to 5 times in a turn. Finger icons will be displayed when you approach characters. Press A to start a conversation.

Press X to open the status window. Unusable magic - elements that a character can’t utilize appear in gray. Their traits will be ignored even if they are connected. If you wish to save your game in a save slot, you will have to go out to the map screen. BP is used once the character attacks or uses magic. If the MP becomes 0, even if there’s a remaining attack skill, other attacks automatically disappear.

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