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Free hack Fallen World Jurassic cheats code list - gold, stamina, weapon, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Fallen World Jurassic cheat world: you a former marine and a rare female warrior. Has rich assault combat experience and field survival skills. Due to the requirements of her post, she had dealings with employes of all sorts.
I gotta go our and look around. The world's gone crazy. Just what happened while i was in cryo? I'll go see if i can find any cryos.

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The guard's got a weapon and gear. Looks like they still work. I should take them. By the looks of these wounds, seems like they're claw marks. A rodent? No. The newspaper..Mutants! Looks like i need to take precautions before stepping outside.

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My name's cheat-on. My squad was attack at the nearby militia post by infected. I received a distress signal and am on my way to find them. Go in stealth mode. Remember come up on the infected from behind. The infected won't detect you, and you'll have a chance to deal heavy damage. We need to get house fixed up before night falls. Go inside the house and see if there's any useful weapon (or use hack cheacts code).

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