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Free cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), redeem pass. Fallout Shelter Online cheat list, hack: 1. hqq6VzPV - increase stats
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3. Enter hack bKaCU3h9 - supplies
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5. 6ZiDNZ53 - legendary dweller
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Game wiki: you are a model dweller of the vault. With excellent performance. One day, the Overseer informed you, that according to the Vault’s central computer system. You have been chosen as a potential candidate for his successor. Then he introduced his assistant to you. You will be trained as an Overseer assistant, for now... to understand how the Vault functions. Let me teach you some basic know hows.

First, you ned to lear how to run a vault. The Overseer's office is where we run and develop the Vault. By the way, the resource purifier is here, in the Overseer's office, it is an important device used for controlling the Vault's resource consumption and production. There are other Dwellers in the Vault, to think of. You ought to learn how to organize and manage them all.

Fallout Shelter Online cheats, hack codes

yqQoGCch - electricity password. First, the electricity supply of the vault is very important. All rooms in the vault depend on electricity. All right, let’s activate the building system. Open the cheat list, and build a power generator. Select a suitable location and make sure the rooms are connected to each other. All right, assign the dwellers to work now. Each Dweller has their own perk. Assign someone to do the job are good at, the efficiency will improve greatly. Nuka cola quantum cheats - LvD3LZs2. Box of Nuka-cola - T7M8nece. Trunk of Nuka-cola - DeZSh1WT. Chest of Nuka-cola - 8bKMbnko. Fridge of Nuka-cola - AIH3xqNN. Best Value Hero Pack - Ly0lPthS. 30-day VIP (novice) - SWQkoEQg. 30-day VIP - Yd34yVpK.

The perks tab shows each Dweller’s specialty. Perk hack - 1spjUCay. Now you can choose a unit that is suitable to work in the power generator. if the vault is facing an electricity shortage and we don’t have a lot of time to wait, we have an emergency solution. Rush to generate electricity. However, overloading the equipment like this will damage it. Each room can only rush production three times per day, or use cheats codes - 4DKmQAXC. Let’s look at how to build a second power generator to increase the Vault’s power supply. Select a suitable location and make sure the rooms are connected to each other. Rooms of the same type and levels will automatically connect themselves, this help us with managing the Vault.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Use cheats hhG8inDx - increase Vault level.
  • 2. Now our Vault has some basic power supplies, but you should know that there are mutant critter lairs scattered around. They can hinder the development of our vault. If you don’t want to be their neighbor, then we must clear them out.
  • 3. If we want to attack the enemies, then we need to deploy a combat squad at the Vault door, because only combat squads are allowed to participate in battle. Putting together a combat squad is not easy, we need to carefully select the best fighters for this. You can check a dweller’s combat properties in the hero details interface.
  • 4. Gift redeem codes obtain deluxe pack:
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  • 5. Remember! Combat levels determine a hero's combat abilities. Raising the combat levels, will effectively raise their combat abilities. Ability cheat - otVOxtiU

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