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Free hack Family Nest cheats code list - materials, auto loot, gold, promo ticket, energy, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Family Nest cheat world: dear friend, you and i have never met. But it just so happens that i’m your Uncle. I like to travel, and now i need to go on a long expedition. I have a small farm on the shore of a beautiful bay.
I’ve through long and hard about it, and i’ve come to the conclusion that i need to pass my farm into good hands, to someone who will be able to restore it and lead it to prosperity.

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And i have chosen you for this task. However, to become the full owner of the farm, you need to fulfil a few simple conditions. Upon arrival at Willow Hills, you will meet my manager. He will acquaint you with the necessary conditions and give further instructions. I really hope that you like what you find.

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My name is cheat-on, i look after your uncle’s farm in his absence. He instructed me to meet you and tell you about the conditions he has set before you can become the owner of his farm. Your uncle left you a small chest containing useful items. Let’s open it and see what may come in handy. Excellent! Just what we need! The farmhouse is pretty dilapidated. Let’s look inside and see what we’ll need to patch it up. Farmhouse - the main building of the farm, here you can not only spend the night and rest, but also dry plant resources.

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THe right amount of wood can be obtained from any linden tree. Let’s use this one - it’s the closest. Well done! We have everything we need to carry out repairs. Now that we have a sturdy roof over our heads, we can move on to the basics of farming. Training post - you can use it to monitor the demand for goods among local buyers. There is fierce competition here.

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