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Welcome to our new home! Is this the island you were talking about? SO far it’s only got a hut and a few storehouses, but the rest is up to us! At least there aren’t any burning rocks falling from the sky. We need to get settled before the cold weather sets in. Let’s gather grass and sticks so we cna expand the hut - otherwise there won’t be enough room for all four of us. Tap the grass several times.

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Work takes energy, but gifts and food restore it. gather berries to restore our energy. Berries only grow once, so cut down the bush to get sticks. The bigger the house, the more energy the family has! You can cook food too for even more energy! Get a hearth from the shop and put it on the map. Let’s go pick some roots, they’re Yummy! We need some logs to build a fire. Can you chop down tree over there? Now let’s make lunch!

Family Island cheats, hack codes

Tap the hearth, choose a recipe, and drag it to the food line. tap the recipe and drag it to a slot. The roots are cooking, but we don’t have a table. I saw a big stone nearby we could use! Tap the table and use items to clean it. If you don’t want to wait, you can spend things up with magic rubies or use cheat codes. Drag the dish to the slot and tap Eat.
It’s not the coziest house, but at least we can all fit in it now! Let’s just hope it doesn’t get too windy, or it’ll blow the house away.
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If i had some string, i could reinforge the walls. I could make some if i had a loom. I can use grass to weave strings. Feel free to speed things up for rubies. You’ll get more of them for completing quests. You won’t get much done with your bare hands. We need to build a stone workshop! We can carve stone into lots of things, like scrappers - upgrading buildings and crafting other items. Your mother also uses them to clean animal hides.

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