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Family Mysteries Game controls: view your objectives by selecting the diary in the inventory. Use the map to check your current location, available actions, or travel quickly. Throughout the game you will encounter several types of collectible items: gift and cards. Be aware that gifts will morph into other objects so, you can collect gifts only when they are in a form of a gift. Lamp glow is an indicator that shoes whether you have found all of the collectibles on the location. If the lamp is lit, you haven’t found all the collectibles on the location.

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Casual difficulty - the hint and skip buttons recharge quickly. Active zones glimmer. Hidden object puzzles sparkle. Available actions are indicated on the map. There is no hidden objects puzzles penalty. A plus sign will appear when there is an action available on the composite item. If you get stuck, you can always use a hint, which will direct you to the next action. Check the indicated area to search for hidden objects.

Family Mysteries cheats, hack codes

Find all of the objects on the list to finish the puzzle. Objects written in blue require an extra step. Some items change shape after a couple of seconds. Those are morphing items. If you don’t want to play a hidden object puzzle, you can always play a pairs minigame. Instructions for the minigame appear at the bottom. In several special minigames you’ll have to select the instruction button to open the special window with instructions.
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You can always skip the minigame, but you’ll have to wait until the skip button is charged. Find the objects and items in the file which are specified with capitalized words in the text below in order to learn the facts about this new strange case.
You can return to the previous location if the two locations are connected.

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