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Elf be known as poetry, literature, music and magic skills, uphold pure beauty in nature. If their forest is under threat, they will display their skills and tactic of archery and sword, show their excellent martial arts. ELF are archer that shoot with great accuracy, they also rein different magical creature like Hippogryph, Golem, CHimera.
HUMAN has a long history and culture. They master both science and magic. They have knights in Heavy Armors and Magicians with great power. Various creations raise HUMAN civilization to a new level. HUMAN can drive mechanical dummies, steam tanks and gyrocopters.
ORC has a simple social structure with Shaman faith. They are strong and brutal, no mercy to other Races. It's definitely not a good idea to provoke ORCs. ORCs have strong rhyhorns, Tauren warriors and Ogre warriors.

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