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Fantasy Hero Tactics redeem codes

Enemies are coming. No time to explain. Recruit warriors to confront them! Tap to recruit your battle units, drag to deploy. When you are ready, tap @start fighting" to start the battle. The journey onwards is full of danger. You must select your route with caution. After each defeat, you lose certain HP. When HP drops 0, your adventure will end.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): You will get a fix number of gold after each battle. The gold income can be increased via: 1. Its store in each adventure (onlu valid in an adventure). 2. Talent Pts (upgrade to get more points. Valid permanently). 3. VIP (+1, Valid permanently).
When a battle ends, if there are unused gold, you will get some interest: 1. Interest income = current gold * interest; 2. Default interest cap is 5 gold; 3. You can increase the max interest income via talent.
Fantasy Hero Tactics cheat, Step #2: Select a route to start the next battle. When 3 of the same units are added to hand or deployed at once, star-up will be automatically granted, up to 3 stars. You can have up to 8 hand cards. When you reach the cap, you need to spare some space before buying new units. You can only deploy a limited number of characters. When a battle starts, extra units will be recycled automatically. If your hand cards are full, they will be sold.
Fantasy Hero Tactics code, Step #3: The higher your battle level is, the more units can be deployed. Left bar - the current drawing rate is shown here. Higher level equals higher chance to draw advanced units. The goods for sale in store refresh 1 time each turn. You can also spend gold to refresh manually. When you don’t have enough gold to buy a character you want, you can lock store so stuff on sale there won’t refresh and you could have enough coins to make the purchase in the next turn. Note that locked store will unlock in the next turn.
Fantasy Hero Tactics hack tools, Step #4: Spending gold: gold cna be used to buy pieces. items in piece store refreshes automatically before each round. Gold can be used to refresh the store, to buy experience. Obtaining gold: players will earn a base income of 2 gold for each turn they win. For every 10 gold a player owns, 1 extra gold will be given before the next turn, up to 5 extra gold per turn. In adventure chapter, players can buy interes in stats store. Higher interest means more extra gold for you.

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1. mPz9IHaEBXPB5xQ
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In endless challenge, players will fight until HP drops to 0. When the battle ends, player formation, bonds and highest turns are recorded and ranked against other players.
Each character only has 1 skill at a time. Activate skills are casted automatically when tage is full. Tap the icon to check skill details. Bonds will only be activated when you have enough corresponding units.
Gold are used to upgrade your units and buy decks. Diamonds are used in many more aspects of the game. Talents - check and upgrade your owned units here, and use them to build the deck that suits your needs.

Cheats Fantasy Hero Tactics hack chess board: Twilight arena - there is a cluster of ruins in the Northwest Desert, the ground scale of which reveals the magnificence of a fore gone age.
Tranquil forest - is the elven homeland, a place of beautiful scenery and rich natural resources. When equipped Elf +5 % evasion.
Lord of runes - insede the Neymar mountains lies the Land of runes, where the dwarves bestow blessings onto the weapons they craft.
Land of lava - adventures can catch glimpses of demons in the land of Lava, deep within the demonic abyss. When equipped Hell +20 ATK. HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)! Author: Solarios

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