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Game Story
In the land of Gaia, six factions lived together in harmony. One day, an exotic creature came. Six factions tried to harness its power. They kept the dragon in a dungeon and sealed it with six keys. As time went by, there was controversies on whether to keep the dragon or to release it. Conflicts began. Six factions fight against one another for meaningless purposes.
Now that Mother Nature is too tired of the dusty and bloody conflicts, she decides to react. She summons her guardians. One of guardians falls into the Sala forest in the land of diamond. Open your eyes, my guardian.
Fantasy League Hack Basics
Story campaign - from here you can choose whichever kingdom you want to visit and convince them to stop the war. This is the land of Diamond, place of warriors and brave knights. You have gained some firefly spirits. This is the secret in the Land of gaia. Everytime you defeat a creature, you gain some firefly spirits from it. You can consume these spirits to become stronger. Try to upgrade other members in the team as well.
Hint & Tips
1. Formation buff - this is where you upgrade your formation slots. Upgrades require stardust, which are rewarded everytime you level up. HP, DEF, element resistance, physical bonus: there are several stats you can choose. Bear in mind that the higher level requires the more points. You can degrade it and points will be returned.
2. Friends - this is the hall of friends, where you make friends with other players.
3. Shop - where you buy many interesting items that help in your journey.
4. Ducky chest - it grows bigger as you play the game. The longer you play the game, the more rewards you can get.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date03 October 2020
Last Modified03 October 2020
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