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You're in Namona, the first place where the Goddess sowed the seeds of Life classes. Unlike Noelia, I can't use the amazing power of Lunare. But I'll do my best to assist God's Envoy down here on the surface! So that's that. Now go ahead and touch this Goddess Statue. The Goddess Statue has come back to life! You're amazing, God's Envoy! Now you're ready to start your first adventure. Please help us to rid Reveria of the abominations brought about by the Shadow Power! To be honest, we know little about the Shadow Power. I also heard about Lunare Detective Piccolino's disappearance, which is our only lead at the moment. The first place to look is the Grassy Plains. After finishing your investigation in Reveria, return to the Goddess Statue. That will allow you to confirm your abilities as God's Envoy.

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