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Free hack Fantasy Stars cheats code list - ruby, level up, increase stats, promo ticket, arena key, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Fantasy Stars cheat world: welcome back summoner! Where have you been? Oh, no! Did you lose your memory because of that traumatic experience? Here, take a look at your brilliant play of the past to regain your memory. Do you remember your match? You won your first championship with a perfectly timed hero move. I thought you’d lose for sure at the time... I didn’t expect such a superb summoning position.

Fantasy Stars hack

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I was really taken aback right then. I’ve never seen such accurate and fast hero skills before. You played just like a real champion. Now you remember it all, right? Until that happened...If you don’t remember it, then never mind! Let’s start over from the beginning.
Summoner, if you take up the gauntlet with other summoners and regain your sense of battle skills, you will get back up to the champion position for sure! I believe in you! You can do it summoner!

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Fantasy Stars hack relics
  • Sig the lancer - deals damage to one enemy at a time using his lance to reach them from afar. his attack speed is sufficiently high.
  • Glacial fling - it may seem like he's just fooling around, but in reality he's torturing his enemies by freezing them again and again (reduces the attack speed and the move speed by 25%).
  • Rock golem - the magic power that flows through the land of Idun turns rock golems into elementals. They do not possess a mind of their own and are often manipulated by summoners.
  • Cats - four curious kittens. The noahs sometimes called them restay, meaning baby thieves.

Fantasy Stars wiki
  • Dash - the hero frantically dashes toward the designated target, dealing area damage to all the enemies in his way, shoving them back and reducing their move speed.
  • Freezing arrow - enchants the tip of the arrow with the magic of ice. While this effect is active, enemies hit by the Freezing arrow enter the freezing state or the accumulated freezing state.
  • Burn - burn hero's base attack. While this effect is active, each attack also deals burning continuous damage for 5 second.
  • Judgment of light - throws a huge shining hammer causing stun for 1 second to all enemies within the area.
  • Teleport - hero teleports to a designation and deals area damage, causing stun state.
  • Power strike - rolls towards the target and deals damage to the enemies within the area. The enemy is shoved back and receives collision damage. The effect is then transferred to the next enemy.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Hero cards can be upgraded to a maximum of level 8.
  • You can choose the hero and hero skills at the battle preparation screen.
    Using emotional expressions can establish a more intimate relationship with your partner.
  • Pushing skills do not work on mechanical summonings
  • heroes receive only hal the damage of all skills.
  • Legend cards can be upgraded to a maximum of level 5

Fantasy Stars tips
    Tutorial Fantasy Stars(wiki) :
  • A summoning in stealth will keep its state until it attacks or is attacked.
  • Effects of the same element cannot be stacked.
  • Avoid magic circles that appears on the ground to not get hit.
  • Freezing snowstorm can stack effects and completely freeze the enemy.
Hero: Leo - is a fast and strong melee warrior. You may be able to attract the attention of your enemies or shatter them with a huge sword.
Fantasy Stars tutorial

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