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Welcome, the new recruit! To survive the battlefields, i’ll teach you how to fight on the battlefield! The most basic thing to do is to move. You can move by moving your finger on the lower left. Following the indicate on the screen and move your finger, you can move the camera direction. Next, choose your class. Class means a job on a battlefield. A class has various abilities. When you choose a class, you will belong to the alliance as a soldier. Once you choose the alliance, you cannot change it.

Fantasy Earth Genesis hack

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Class: soldier - responsible for powerful defense and maintaining the front line. Striker - powerful single attacks and range attacks. Hunter - deals supporting attacks form a distance. Assassin - excellent at quick attacks and weakening enemies. Wizard - using strong magic from a medium distance.
Alliance base - here you can communicate with other soldiers or purchase items for preparation before the battle. Hm, this is still training equipment. You can get a new weapon with Gacha - here you can get equipment with a high rarity with gacha pass. You can receive the items you got with gacha from the mail box.

Fantasy Earth Genesis cheats, hack codes

If you don’t know what you’re going to do, check the challenge button at the lower right corner of the screen. You can complete the challenge and get good rewards. Depending on the challenge, there are daily or vent.
Strategy map - in the continent of Ecetia, the 3 alliances have been fighting with each other for their territories. Win the war that someone has declared or you’ve declared to keep and expand your territory. Select a battlefield and join the war. Control the enemy areas and increase your territory. Our goal is to capture the enemy alliance and conquer the continent! Check the status of each alliances in the upper left of the display. Which rule the war will start with, will be decided at random when joining the battle. Be prepared to take on any rule or situation for the battle.
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A newbie like you might change the destiny of the 3 national great wars. First, you should learn how to fight as a soldier on the battlefield. I’ll start from the basics of basics. About how to win the war. Power gauge - if you finish up stamina of your enemy’s base first, you win. If you get as many crystal towers as possible ,you can win the game. There is a time limit in war. When time is up, the army, which has more power in the power gauge, wins the battle. You cannot win the battle of you don’t occupy the crystal tower. Defeating your enemies isn’t enough. If the enemy occupies yours. When you get closer to the crystal tower in a neutral status, the occupy button is shown. When you’re occupying it, the gauge increases. When the gauge is maxed out, the occupying status changes from enemy, neutral to ally.

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Let me tell you about the shootout rule now. To win the shootout battle, you should destroy enemy’s base earlier than the enemy does to you. If you finish up stamina of your enemy’s base first, you win. 5WggJD - supply box
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