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Three hundred years have passed since the Shadow wars have ravaged Keldonia and the world of Aer, and the struggles of the past have long since faded into legends.
In the highlands of Fareach, clans of barbarian warriors have eked out a living in the harsh northern climate, constantly feuding with each other and raiding the wealthier Borderland towns. Fed up with these raids, the Borderlands clans called on the empire - a powerful realm controlling much of Keldonia. The Western imperial legion was dispatched to see off the highland raiders and with the help of Borderland clans Iseal and Machnar, destroyed high king Brendan’s army in the battle of Wyrm’s pass.

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A treaty was signed that forbade any Clan from crossing into the Borderlands in return for peace. Since then, there has been no high King to unite the clans and they fell into quarrelling and raiding amongst themselves. In these dark times your clan has been led by Falir one Eye, a warrior of great renown. You are his son and designated heir and you are eager to prove your mettle to your father...

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Health - the total and remaining health of the unit. The segmentation represent the unit’s squad members. The green bar represents the remaining health, the red bar the wounds suffered, the black bar killed units. Wounds can be recovered through resting, while kills are permanent and are refilled at the end of a scenario, but reduce the units XP.
Resting - recovers morale, heals all wounds and removes all negative status effects from the unit at the start of their next turn. Is aborted when the unit gets attacked.
Raid - a settlement over the course of a turn, destroying it and some wealth in the process. Gain a random treasure based on remaining wealth.
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Armor - total armor of the unit. Each point of armor roughly equals 8% of damage reduction against physical attacks. Offers no protection agains magic attacks.
Speed - a unit’s swiftness in combat. Also determines how far a unit can move. Different terrain has different speed costs.
Search - how far a unit can see, revealing fog of war nad spotting non hidden units.
Morale - impacts the characters fighting power and is gained or lost by casualties caused or suffered in their immediate vicinity. Used to resist magic attack.
Expendable - the death of this soldier has no negative impact on ally morale.
Ambush - strikes out of hiding when an enemy enters an adjacent tile. The enemy is unable to retaliate.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • A higher difficulty increases the enemy's unit budget, makes AI behaviour more aggressive and lose less morale, as well as increases costs to restore your units.
  • Sometimes it is easier to target the enemies' morale to rout a whole number of units instead of engaging in direct combat.
  • Defensive fire - the unit can support adjacent allies in battle, by firing a volley into any attacker prior to combat.
  • Plenty of ammo - grant infinite defensive fire charges while on rough terrain.
  • Fearless - the unit cannot be broken or routed by morale and is immune to fear.
  • Harassed - severe penalties to armor and damage for a short amount of time. Disables the unit's ability to break charge attacks.

Fantasy General 2 tips
Hack cheats tutorial Fantasy General 2(wiki):
Team effects - these effects are applied to all your units and remain in play until your leave the current region. Certain team effects are granted from capturing locations. These are removed when losing that location to another faction. All active team effects that apply to your army are shown in the highlighted area.
Remember to check your inventory and distribute new items before battle.
Spirit vision - lift the fog of war over an area anywhere on the map for a short amount of time.
Retreat - when attacked in melee, the unit has a chance to retreat from combat unharmed. Cannot retreat from attackers who have higher speed. Can only retreat once per turn.
Fantasy General 2 tutorial

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Skill tree:
drill - all recruited units start with a third of the hero’s level but at least with level 1. Also decreases XP loss of units at the end of a scenario.
Rally - nearby allies recover a small amount of morale.
Tough - chance to suffer kills.
Bigger pocket - grants one additional artefact slot.
Construct war camp - builds a war camp on an empty the from where you can hire and restore troops.
Pass charge - pass the charge on to an ally so they can profit from its effects.
Fantasy General 2 tips to repair
Artefacts codes - are items of varying power that can be outfitted to units via the inventory. If a unit finds an artefact, it equips it directly if it has an empty artefact slot. Otherwise the artefact is sent to the inventory. Open the inventory to manage all your artefacts and assign or recover them from units, even while in battle. Fantasy General 2 Activation code:
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