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Year 6 of Zhongping Era (189 A.D.), the prime minister Dong Zhuo dethroned the young emperor Liu Bian and crowned his brother Chenliu prince Liu Hui, and started his reign of terror. To crusade against the tyranny, the Guandong warlords formed an coalition. Yuan Shao was elected the leade and Cao Cao served as the chief adviser. THe coalition army marched towards Sichou.
In the 3 kingdoms age, somewhere deep in the mountains. You can follow me to Luoyang. This is Cheat-on who will your company on the way.

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We’ll soon enter the battlefield, please dispatch the Generals. This is the first time you command a battle, please be careful. The green grids on the battlefield represents the ara the unit can be moved to. The red grids represents the area on which you can launch attacks. The rage is full? Rage skill can be released. Follow the instruction to drag the skill onto the traget to release it. As we go further, there are more and more Dong Chuo’s troops. I’m afraid general Cao Hong is hard to hang on by hi,self alone. I recommend a talent who can take on this responsibility.

Fantasy Three Kingdoms cheats, hack codes

Different troops are overpowered by others. Cao Hong leads the infantry, which deals 30% extra damage to the archer. In the upcoming battles, you can take advantage of the overpower relationships to gain victories. General Xiahou Yuan is a rare talented general, please go to star terrace to recruit him. In star terrace many famous generals can be found. You can perform one recruitment of the bounty for free. With the help of the two powerful Generals Xiahou Yuan and Cao Hong, Dong Zhuo is to be suffered from you.
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The general match up has been activated, now you can deploy different team to get different combination effect. Congrats on defeating enemies of 3 stages perfectly and gaining 9 stars. Please claim the reward: ore, silver, strategy book fragment. Please go the cheat code menu to get the general gear promotion material. Then go to the hero interface to promote gear. Two characters are not enough for a lord who want to dominate the world. he needs not only mighty generals but also advisors. You’ve obtained enough Xun You souls, please go recruit him.

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Skills: Song of Gale - deals a wind strategy damage of 600 to the target and bind the target for 2 rounds (blound target’s mobility -1), damage effected by the lord’s attributes. Surge Voyage - increases speed and mobility for a single friendly. Armor piercer - deals a damage of 135% ATK to a single enemy and restores 300 rage.
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