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FantasyxDungeons cheat world:
1. kXyCu0Hotj - lucky box
2. awlBRyLXEc - stamina
3. MWNelWXZKg - secret mode
4. JWnncq025w - luxury bag
The time has finally come. Let’s start the battle by pressing the “dungeon” button. Dungeon is dark and wet. What kind of monsters are there? Read the name of the dungeon. It’s a goblins’ lair. Small but very ferocious monsters.
You can use a skill by collecting SPs to the number of purple balls (SP) of each skill or use cheats codes. If you want to use powerful skills, then you may need to collect more purple balls (SP).

FantasyxDungeons hack

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Because there are different effects for each skill, it is important to determine when to use the skills to defeat monsters.
It’s not easier than i thought. It hurts...The wound heals automatically after every battle. It’ll get better soon. Cheer up.
Dungeons are the home of all the monsters. We cannot slay the monsters easily by just rushing into them. But we can be stronger. Press the “hero” button to strengthen our party.

FantasyxDungeons cheats android, ios hack codes

1. KURLCVy3G4 - level up
2. oYuuSqCfp6 - voucher
3. WjLJfCy7ec - shard
4. j6l3EgdPu2 - artifact
5. 0Dk0OJtOg2 - pets

FantasyxDungeons hack month card
It’s not complicated. If you press the button with red circles, you can strengthen your equipment and raise your level and skills.
Gems can be used to summon new heroes. Press the “summon” button or use cheats code UEyfWXVEkR. If you clear the dungeon with 3 stars nobody killed, you can use the skip ticket hack - pFhrxro5zE. What happens if i use a skip ticket? You can get rewards at once without entering the battle. This is a big time saver.
FantasyxDungeons wiki
But where do you get it? If you buy gold with gems, you can get tickets as additional rewards. Other than that. expect something like events or use cheat codes. Enemies, you can’t escape the room until they are dead. Use the attack button. Top bar - shows your shield and health. YOu only lose health if your shield is empty. Your shield will charge up again of you don’t take damage for a while.

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Code number Cheat Hack title
1 jJwjoUILkk upgrade
2 EqVt9zlnTf gem crystal
3 hfB7WExPyu skill point
4 dMtUHvLcLw promo code
5 0MXmZumoFr gift box
6 McPdcAh3HP gold coins
7 VMwSj2VYrr month card
8 evDIPIi0WB premium pack
9 DXovesiCWZ legendary weapons
10 5Bi5YC9OVJ vip ticket
11 lUoKoMyThp summon

FantasyxDungeons gift codes, hack, note.

Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Item upgrade - touch the ingredient to see the acquisition path.
  • Press skill button to spend earned skill points.
  • Choose a skill and press "unlock" to aquire it. You can only have 3 skills equipped at a time.
  • Upgrades: damage - permanently deal more damage with your attacks and abilities. Health - permanently gain extra health. Shield - increase the amount of your shield.

FantasyxDungeons tips
Hack cheats tutorial FantasyxDungeons(wiki):
Skills: protection - get an additional shield. Stamina - your shield recovers faster. Bolts - dash fires bolts to enemies around you. Rain shoot - shoot a rain of projectiles in front of you. Battle to earn upgrade materials and gems and gold to grow heroes endlessly!
FantasyxDungeons tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards FantasyxDungeons: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, skill point.

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1. lmZBBHdnrD
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3. XaJLU6DPj4
4. 8l8oYrQpU5
5. lGCqs3Wxog

2. JptlMiyg1Z
3. ctmx0yH7iR

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