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Hack Farm Fable: cheat List
unlimited feed - use hack bDZ4HBd7q
speed up - enter pass F0gbm4Hum
Increase resource production and gathering speed by 300% - kRYJNszOr
gold coins x100,000 - 9mJZHscWD
funds x1,000,000 - uRtKw1KYb
expand - zLi7QuNDW
Month Card x1 code - fhuXiEe5H
upgrade cheat - 63JOWYpMh
daily gift bag x10 - Mn2e3aUTL
secret combination - nyqqrX1Sv
level up - XhO59WrjW
unlock plots - aMrhas7rR
cowboy outfit - rcAgjYJhj
arctic set pack - CV6AcAl0q
gems x1,000 - kKvsb3jj5
stamina x300 - SsWGvKSW1
VIP 15 status - uti4ocr24
special reward - w0Qz3uBrb
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Child from afar, the journey must have been difficult for you. I am the Goddess Gaia. I trust you're one of my chosen potential successors. That shouldn't shock you. Even the season change. Surely gods retire and change too.
Alright, you better get started! Follow the path out of the village and you'll see your farm. Work hard. I can't wait to see what you'll do with it.
Farm Fable Hack Basics
The left panel guides us towards our destination. Your seeds/ beans list will only be shown when you stand on a cropland. Please begin by sliding from character's current position. Tap and hold the tool. Continue dragging from character's feet. Don't forget to water your crops; it will help them grow faster. Now let's turn our attention to the buildings on this barren land. Repair the well to get some special benefits. Go to gathering points within the Barren land to collect necessary building materials. But before that, we should gather some resources.
Hint & Tips
1. Obtain special materials from different plots to build your farm.
2. Crops can still grow if they are not watered, but at a slower rate.
3. Trees and stones are restored after 2 real time hours.
4. Locate a gathering point and tap tool to start gathering. Find another type of gathering point. Collect different tools for gathering. Use your materials to upgrade your building and tidy up your farm.
5. Building constructions will require some gold. Not to worry though, these buildings can help us earn more gold.
Place the building on an allowed area within the plot. Well - use the corresponding building materials to upgrade the building. This allows you to change its look or unlock new functions. Drag the recipe over the building to start production. If you want to speed up production you can spend gems, use hack cheats codes from hack tools menu to complete this instantly, or use speed up tickets. We have to repair the owl cabin in order to sell our products and increase our revenue. Owl cabin - use the corresponding building materials to upgrade the building. This allows you to change its look or unlock new functions. The villagers will send in their orders to the owl cabin. The owl express delivers your orders once you're done.
Have the owls help us deliver products, and we can earn funds to run the farm. Now we can move on to the next step. According to legend, ancient earthly tremors broke plots into shards. The vibrations then scattered these shards, laden with mana, all across the world. Upgrade a plot to boost its power. By stimulating the land's growth, you'll unlock more space and gathering points. You may also unlock unique buildings while doing so. The animal shelter you unlocked lets you invite animals to your farm.
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Farm Fable Redeem gift code
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date08 October 2020
Last Modified08 October 2020
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