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yZlQ6I - rare materials
ItytYM - resources
UMoR1r - workers (population)
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Good to see you, let me show you around the farm city. Let’s start with planting some wheat first. You can plan them by tap on a field, then drag the wheat icon to all the Fields. While waiting for them to grow, let’s meet our cow friends. Tap on the cowshed. Drag the food over the cows to feed them. Tap one of them try the complete button. Collect by dragging your finger over them. Look like our wheat is ready, let’s harvest them. Tap on the field first, then drag the sickle to harvest the wheat.

Farm City hack

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Fresh Wheat will make good bread, let’s build a bakery. Tap the bakery and start making some bread. Drag the bread to the manufacture box. Let’s rush this and get your bread instantly. Stan - getting airship 187 into position for approaching. We deliver people’s order by this airship. It’s seem like you have enough material, tap send now. Keep delivering orders to get fast experience and money.

Farm City cheats, hack codes

Now we need to expand our field, but we will need to hire more people before that. We will need more house for them, let’s go to the building store again and construct cottage. Now let’s expand the field. Our cargo ship has arrived! We can trade our products with other cities around the world. Normally we’ll have to wait, but let’s use cheat code and speed things up this time. Those sweet tools, swipe to collect them. Quick learning, aren’t you?
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Just keep loading the ships whenever you can and get all the essential tools. Each building takes a different length of time to construct, but this can be sped-up by spending in-game notes. Players obtain points towards their Experience bar when they create a building or gather resources.

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1 2qnzJM upgrade
2 Yb3WPj stat point
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5 Q4t1z6 gift box
6 byg6ft gold coins
7 fgW7lZ month card
8 sBS1YL premium pack
9 xXnj2B legendary gear
10 QHYiZL vip ticket
11 VNLleZ gear pack

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. vbYVKC - supply box
oERoQj - treasure chest
SCxLvW - multiplayer
JVhH27 - vip status
7G5n78 - star tokens
Hack f9LWfM - artifacts
Cheat X1YKbB - evade
wouejA - elite ticket
foPzYS - exchange cheat code

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