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Game story:
just like the gracious Phoenixes which brought victory in the battle against the evil forces, your land must rise from the ashes and return to its former glory! First you need to get resource production up and running again. Increase the prosperity of your city and local villages by restoring production and infrastructure.
Wood is the second most important resource in the kingdom .THis material is essential for building and making spearshafts, so you will need a lot of it. Construct a sawmill to produce wood.

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It is also important to stock up on iron and stone - for that you will need a mine and a quarry. Iron is required to forge weapons and armor for your soldiers, and stone is used for building and as catapult ammunition. And - just to be on the safe side - you’d better stock up on food.
Your majesty, it is time to bring order to this land and fight the chaos and terror that have spread throughout our world. YOu are the only one who can do this! The story mode will guide you through the main quests. Build constructions: Farm - all the food your people need is produced at the farm. Mine - the iron your settlement needs can be obtained in the mine. Quarry - the stone required to satisfy your construction needs can be mined in the quarry. Complete missions? Get back to the story window to receive a reward.

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Your city and kingdom require new technologies to develop property. Blessed are those rulers who know the worth of science. Research building methods at the academy. Here the finest minds in the realm conduct research projects and develop new inventions in order to help your settlement prosper and keep your people well defended. By developing the academy, you can increase the speed of researching new technologies. Build - use the city builders’ finest enhancement to construct buildings more quickly and make them stand for ages. This research project allows you to speed up the building process.
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People need decent living conditions to be happy and work efficiently. Build them Villas - these houses have everything your citizens could ask for. They will gladly serve in your army and pay high taxes just to be able to live here.
Construct: Barracks - at the barracks you can train new soldiers for your army. Here you will also find the information about the number and types of soldiers in your castle. Here you may train an endless amount of different types' soldiers who will stand firmly against the most formidable enemies.
Hospital - you can heal wounded soldiers and restore fallen fighters at the hospital.
Villa - provides your fortress with silver, and increasing silver production allows you to train soldiers more quickly. When you upgrade the villa, you increase your silver production and storage capacity. You will also receive a bonus to military training speed.

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Soldiers: footman - people from the suburbs, and local villages, armed by the city arsenal. Footmen are the foundation of many lord’s armies.
Horseman - a skilled, well armed soldier who, unlike infantrymen, can move quickly. A serious foe.
Slinger - this unit is weak in melee combat but deals significant damage at range, which makes it possible to reduce the enemy’s number before a direct confrontation.
Trebuchet - a projectile firing machine for laying siege to cities, it can pierce rather thick walls. A menacing weapon in the hands of a skilled commander.
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