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Cheat Fetch Force hack android, ios code

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Hack Fetch Force: cheat List
carrot collector x10 - use hack GMKyeliqB
coins x10000 - enter pass ode2XEkmN
jetpack x10 - TtvNsDsuu
boosters - QREt7enTH
off ads - XeuBDLHaB
shield - aLKT7hORQ
Month Card x1 code - az9b7lQk9
upgrade cheat - 2VZE87TIF
daily gift bag x10 - bIrNbZ5P8
secret combination - i9QMCWV4o
level up - p4dS8Jpoo
free gameplay - hsorJpSpH
new skins - 6QGGIPOeF
special reward - i7ayn9eca
How & Where enter
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Game Story
Welcome to the outerspace! We need your help! Our friends, Cubark needs help gathering the atomic carrots. To move Cubark, you will need to move your phone around. In each level, you have some goals to achieve if you want to get the best score. For the first star, you'll need to collect all of the atomic carrots. For another star, you need to jump into the portal in time. For the last star, don't forget the golden tennis ball before you jump in the portal. You can get three stars when you do all three goals at once.
Fetch Force Hack Basics
I'm here to teach you something new! Cubark can jump "up" if you tap on the screen! "Up" is based on Cubark's rotation. Look out, there's an enemy in this level! If you touch it, you'll lose a life and the level will restart. We can help you, though! The bubble power up will let you take a hit from an enemy and be completely safe. Tap on this bubble power up, and you'll be able to take an extra hit from any enemy.
Hint & Tips
1. Once you finish the level, the power up will be consumed, but you'll have it until you finish the level, even if you lose.
2. If you want to use more power ups in the future, you’ll have to get them with coins.
3. You'll have to earn coins from beating level, cheat codes, hack tools and buy more.
4. It's me again, here to teach you about the carrot collector power up. have you ever thought a level would be easier if you didn't have to pick up every carrot to open the portal? With this power up, you can use it and tap on a carrot before the level starts to collect it.
5. With the carrot collector, you can collect a carrot before the level even starts.
6. Using a jetpack will change how Cubark's jump works. Instead of jumping up, he will fly in the direction you tap at. The jetpack will be consumed once you start the level.
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Fetch Force Redeem gift code
1. RE74qf4Di45PHnA
2. gNj8ngP61Qa5Bgw
3. BRVFpva4sZ986Cb
4. fLYwkZUNI9ciXX2
5. 1hBRH4wgdeNEZjV
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date06 October 2020
Last Modified06 October 2020
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