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1. DxIvkj0zz8 - level up
2. kKuze3VkkV - voucher
3. wUvwreQ4NV - gift code
4. ZbkCS2LLOr - unlimited mana
Your tokens are displayed on the left side of the screen. Drag the unit onto the tile. Units attack adjacent captured tiles where the arrows are pointing. Rotate the hero so it attacks both captured tiles. Your earn a mana point for every tile you capture. Drag the spell onto the tile. You can also tap to select it, then tap again to place it.

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A tile’s point value increases when it is hit. Player’s scores are the total point values of tiles captured by that player. The game ends when all tiles are captured or when both players have no units remaining. Rewards: gold, essence, experience and chests. Open your deck screen and gather new token.

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1. NjkYaOaiqm - evolve
2. IYZYqw4wFG - unlock deck
3. fGKxJaoFMo - rank up
4. mv0eNmZQK8 - activation key

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1. EQWPP83LE2 - Lightning: target unit loses 2 health.
2.BJcop22FKz - Tactical move: character returns to its owner’s hand without losing health.
3.7UUhQPSHdf - Battle trance: target character loses 2 health and attacks in all its attack directions.
4.Fj5VWNow5v- Sacrifice: kills target allied unit. Deals 1 damage to all enemy heroes on the field.
Feuds wiki
Units code:
Berserker (cuXDCxnyHx) - second wind: attacks an additional time in all attack directions.
Crab (m7RpFTpo6s)- collector: reduces point value of a random adjacent enemy tile by 1 at the end of your turn.
Viking (KiG4wpPGyi)- pillate: - 1pt to all adjacent enemy tiles.
Snow wolf (h7VA0COI3F) - snow fury: restores 1 health for each enemy hero.
Chieftain (3NpaZlkA2p)- new horizons: if surrounded by captured tiles returns to your hand without losing health.
Spider (Yssl7aSCpg) - entanglement: attacked unit loses one attack direction.
Bear (4HiRRrJsPs) - hibernate: adds +1 to the tile’s point value at the end of your turn.

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1 1pN43YLSlG tokens
2 XQC6otj3yN gem crystal
3 KBjyUHN2Gq credits
4 pSsSE2YnHC promo code
5 GmMKSXeybN gift box
6 Ch4rgnO753 gold coins
7 5XwBDSYpYJ month card
8 14D83SUNtD premium pack
9 ay4PHnF88R chest
10 utCO7Zq12L vip ticket
11 To38MX6KgN essence

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Battle in the camp to upgrade tokens and get new ones.
  • Collect at least 15 tokens to complete in ranked battles.
  • Quick battle - battle us random opponent at your level.
  • Collect a set of unique heroes and sneaky spells. Combine abilities and your surroundings to gain the advantage.

Feuds tips
Hack cheats tutorial Feuds(wiki):
Keep your eye on the score and outsmart your enemy. Fight against other players, win battles, and climb the ranks.
Turn-based tactical battles against other players
New combinations to discover as you create custom decks of units and spells
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Feuds tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Feuds: gold, gift box, tokens, credits.

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