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Your first fighter is an orc named T'usk. Let's teach him to be a champion. T'usk will be practicing against lumbering Jack. Looks like orc's speed is higher than Jack's, so T'usk goes first.
Let's talk basics. Every fighter has two kinds of attacks: a run attack and a stand attack. Simply put, run attack happen if you move to attack. Stand attacks happen when you stand still for your attack.

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hack FFA Fantasy Fighter Arena Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): To start, have T'ush give lumbering Jack his best run attack. Incredible, not only did T'usk do some damage to his health, he also bumped the big guy backwards/

cheat Step #2: Now that Jack is next to you, you can perform a stronger stand attack against him. Stand attack - uses no movement against an adjacent enemy. Run attack - uses movement before you attack ana enemy. T'usk's stand attack has a chance to Grapple his opponent. A grappled opponent can only attack the person grappling him and that attack will only do half damage.

code Step #3:Lumbering Jack is flashing red because he's in a dangerous position. Any melee attack against an opponent who's on the edge of the ring, has a chance to send them clean out of the ring. Use your run attack to go for the ring out. Smacking units into each other with Bump causes a ripple effect of that sweet, sweet damage!

FFA Fantasy Fighter Arena Step #4: Activity star - collect 10 of these and you can trade them in for some loot.
Sonja's attack also caused some burning. Burn does damage every round. Jack is flashing red because he's being Grappled. If you attack Jack now, you'll cause extra damage with a combo move.

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  • 2. You’ll only have 20 seconds each turn to make your moves, so don’t let this timer run out.
  • 3. The first step to a 3v3 fight is to place your fighters. Putting the big guys up front while protecting characters that can fight from range, like Sonja, is always a good bet! When you're ready, press accept and the match will begin.
  • 4. To check a character’s abilities, just tap their icon on the turn order.
  • 5. While controlling a character, holding over an opponent shows an attack preview. This lets you see the percent chance of effects, and the differences between run attack and stand attacks.
  • 6. Keep playing and try to rank up. Each new rank you earn means better and more rewards!
    Leveling up increases your HP and damage. You can also learn new abilities. Keep leveling up, champ in the making.
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