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First stage - forest: do you dream of fresh air and sunny clearing? The forest is truly full of beauty! just admire its beautiful traps and monsters... Adventure: choose block to reduce damage from an enemy blow. The thrust skill has given your 1 Fight Out cheat. You now have enough to use a special skill.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Use boost: Fight Out cheats - significantly increases your attack; hard punch - deals very strong blow and stuns the enemy in the next one round. Tap and swipe on time to activate special skills and survive the fight! This is not just an endless runner but also a fighter!
cheat, Step #2: Fight Out hack hero ArthurUnlock hero Arthur: bastion - after a successful block, Arthur increases his ATK by 20%. Can stack up to 3 times. Triple effect unlocks the shield charge skill. Grueling blows - Arthur strikes jis enemy 4 times with his fist, dealing a total of 350% DMG. These blows reduce enemy attack by 50% in the next 3 rounds. Cost 5Fight Out cheat. Block - blocks 20% oft he damage dealt him. Skill gives or increase Bastion effect. Counterattack - blocks 40% of the damage dealt him, and then counterattacks dealing 50% DMG to his enemy. Divine shield - surrounds himself with divine shield, which blocks 100% DMG and all effects applied to his enemy’s attack. Sweeping blows - strikes twice with his chain, dealing 75% and 25% DMG, Gains Fight Out cheat. Crushing - Arthur knocks his enemy block with his chain dealing 100% DMG, then strikes with his shield dealing another 75% DMG, and deals a final 55% DMG blow with his chain.
Fight Out code, Step #3: Fight Out hack hero JesseUnlock hero Jesse: Never mind - instead of defending. Jesse Takes a wig from his flask to remove one negative effect from himself. Dodge - dodges his enemy’s attack and counterattacks dealing 50% DMG. This skill resets cooldown for detonation skill. Shot - strikes with the butt of his rifle dealing 20% DMG, then aims a shot that deals another 70% DMG. Shoot back - fires his rifle dealing 100% DMG to his enemy, then shoots his revolver dealing another 50% DMG. To complete the move, Jesse pistol whips his enemy dealing 50% DMG. This shill resets cooldown for Jesse’s Dodge. Also, after this skill Jesse’s loses 10% ATK in the next round. Eagle eye - Jesse adopts a shooting stance and increases the critical damage by 50% in the next 2 rounds.
Step #4: Test your reaction and try to complete the obstacle course and win in a merciless fight! Follow the combinations on the screen and make rapid taps and swipes to attack your enemies or defend yourself! Unlock new heroes and harder levels!

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