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Come, let us record your adventures in journal. It shall be known as the crystal Chronicles. Let's go adventuring! You will have to collect drops of myrrh from lands far and wide to keep your crystal glowing. Build your caravan - you'll need a strong party to help run your caravan on your adventure. Choose up to 8 members from the 4 tribes:
Clavat - a tribe of warmth, the clavats seek unity and friendship above all else. They are down to earth, peaceful, and see all others as friends, no matter their background.
FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Lilty - a proud warrior tribe steeped in tradition, the Lilties once ruled the continent. Though hotheaded, their frank nature makes them admirable merchants.
Yuke - a soft spoken tribe of wisdom and research, the Yukes once used magic to resist the might of the Lilties. Their otherworldly physical forms are said to be simply souls that augment their magical abilities.
Selkie - a tribe of individualists, the Selkies clothe themselves in furs and stolen goods. Their almost primal agility has led many Selkies to take up a life of brigandry and thievery.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Look, if you want to ask me something, come over here and talk to me, okay? Our world is covered in miasma. Sustained contact with miasma gradually drains your life away. Crystals protect us from the miasma. Towns big and small each maintain a crystal to hold it at bay. You see, crystals must be purified with myrrh once a year or they lose their brilliance. Crystal caravanners like you journey to seek out that myrrh. Drops of myrrh are gathered in the crystal chalice. The chalice nor only carries myrrh, it also protects the caravan from miasma. The goal of your journey is to find myrrh trees all over the world. And you guessed it - your path to the myrrh threes is blocked by hordes of monsters.
You need to fill you chalice with myrrh (or use hack tools, codes) before bringing it back to your village FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES, but each tree yields only a tiny drop of myrrh at once. So, you must find several myrrh trees in order to fill your chalice with myrrh. Once you draw myrrh from a tree, it can take as long as two years for it to replenish itself. SO, keep looking for other trees.
FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES cheat, Step #2: About the world: Miasma streams and hot spots - great torrents called the streams of miasma cut through the world, diving it into sections. Each miasma stream possesses a certain element. To cross a stream and enter the lands beyond, you must change your crystal chalice’s element to match that of the stream. There are four elements: fire, earth, water, wind. If you’re trying to cross a stream of fire, your chalice had better be of fire, too. You can tell what your chalice’s current elements is by the color of its aura.
So how do you change the chalice’s element? Well, you can place the chalice on platforms called hot spots or use hack FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES codes, cheats. Doing so will change the element of your chalice to that of the hot spot. Once your chalice’s element matches that of the stream you want to cross, go ahead and rush through. Also, once you’ve drawn myrrh from a particular place, you can change your element by simply visiting that place again.
FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES code, Step #3: Select “attack” from the command list and the right side of the screen to attack with your weapon. You can unleash combo attacks if you repeatedly with the right timing. Use focus attacks to defeat powerful enemies. Touch and hold on the right side of the screen until you see a targeting ring appear. Move the ring with joystick and line it up with an enemy. Lift your finger to unleash your attack.
In order to cast spells, you have to add them to your command list. THis list determines what actions you can perform. Aside from the “attack” and “defend” slots, you can customize the command list with any magicite or items you like. So, if you want to cast spells, pick magicite. If you pick up migicite while you command list has empty slots use cheats codes, hack tools, or tis spell will automatically appear on the command list. Casting spells is similar to unleashing focus attacks. Just touch and hold the right side of the screen, move the targeting ring beneath an enemy, and release.
FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES hack tools, Step #4: Let’s try putting Fire and Blizzard next to each other on the command list, then selecting “fuse”. Once this is done, you can cast the spell called gravity. Cast the new spell like you would any other,. Select “gravity”, then touch and hold the right side of the screen and wait for the targeting ring to appear.
That’s all i have to say about casting magic in battle. By the way, any magicite you find will disappear once you leave its native area. Also, you can sometimes find urns full of water or oil. Throw one to spread its contents all over the floor. Oil can be ignited with fire, and water can be frozen with Blizzard or electrified with Thunder. Handle with care, through: the urn traps you set can hurt you, too.

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