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Controls: hold joystick to move, tap attack to hit. Hold < and > to get around. Tap ^ tp jump toward different directions. Quickly tap “attack” to execute basic combo strikes. Hold < to block target’s attack automatically. Tap “> + attack” when you are close to a blocking target to throw them. Blocking guards against striking, and throwing beats blocking.

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Tap first cloning pod to lunge. Tap move and strike to execute various combo cloning pods and surprise the target. Let’s give it a shot. When the target executes a low block, counter it with an air strike. Below the HP bar is the blue stamina bar. Blocking your target’s strikes will reduce your stamina. Below the stamina bar is the rage bar. Inflict or sustain damage to build up rage. Fill 1 rage slot to unleash rage strike.

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Lunge and Jab can be combined to perform various combo cloning pods. Tap in order with the move list below to perform combo cloning pods. Special move can be unleashed by tapping move+jab. Frostbyte packs a mighty punch, so remember to block his attacks. Hold back to block automatically. Now, let’s try an advanced technique - flawless dodge! Tap dodge when the target turns red, to trigger a flawless dodge. Attack button is now lighting up, tap attack to perform a flawless dodge and counterstrike. Watch out! Dodge when the target light up to trigger a flawless dodge and strike back!

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