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Dear Grace, Welcome to our island. We've been waiting for you. Although I would like to see you immediately, you need to see your ship and crew first. After all, there was a huge storm last night. When you're ready, find Faso and he will bring you to meet me. I know what your mother was looking for better than anyone.
Grace, you're awake! There's treasure every where! Mulley, do you know this place? What about the rest of our crew? You're about to see me unearth the greatest treasure of my 40-plus years as a pirate!But the damn shovel is broken. You can invite a treasure hunter to help you in the market. Drag out the treasure hunters. Flounder Island, this is Faso. This is from our lady. Enjoy your stay on our humble island. Hold on. I want to know exactly where we are. Why is this place called Flounder Island. Because he is shaped like a flounder. You can only find the flounder island if it finds you first.

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hack Finding Oceana Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): We lost a quarter of the canvas, and the whole sail arm was broken. We may have to ask the islanders for help. Your ship won't get far this way. If you'll help me fix my carpenter's office, I'll help you fix your ship. The tavern was destroyed by the storm, but if you'd like to help, we can fix it soon. Ye Olde Tavern - Where townspeople gather to eat and have a jolly time.

cheat Step #2: Expend energy to remove obstacles to obtain materials. There's a plenty of material. Let's go fix the Tavern. Now the Tavern is fixed, but the ingredients are broken. Can you help us gather some ingredients? Try a free speed-up. Give the peas to Faso. Click submit to complete the request to earn gold and experience. Help Faso make some pea porridge.

code Step #3:Try free acceleratin is available when the production time is less than 30 seconds. Let's try the fresh pea porridge. Continue to explore the pirate world. Now we can go to repair our boat. It's a long wait, but Cara said she would speed it up for free this time. It's time to head to Tortuga. But we need a whole team. A cook, a repairman, everything.

Finding Oceana Step #4: The gem you see on the shelf is still only a small fragment of the cave mentioned in your mother's diary. This compass resonates with a complete gem and is big enough to fill your hands. Only one person in the world has ever entered that cave.

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  • We only have a few conflicting legends in the Carribean, but I can tell you this, they're after more than just pretty rocks. The Spaniard can tell us more. It's time for action, Grace. You get a little free energy every 90 seconds. Click and hold the movable object.
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