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Free hack Finger Knights cheats code list - gold, promote, roulette spin, promo ticket, legendary hero, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Finger Knights cheat world: avalon, asgard, elysion, tartaros, atlantis. These five kingdoms came to be known as the land of Immortal calm. Their peace seemed like it would last forever. Until the demon king, Moloch, was freed from his binding seal.

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The deomn king's army of monsters and corrupt heroes grew quickly, making it all but impossible to stop his resurrection and sweeping the kingdoms in an endless war.
Countless heroes lost their lives before, on the brink of destruction, the kingdoms resorted to one despearate maneuver. The summoners, who were once treated with scorn, must now lead a campaign against the dastardly Moloch.

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We'll start by exploring western Avalon castle first. Slimes have taken over the area near the castle. We'll have to start out without any help from friends. Use a friend's leader to earn gems. Let me tell you one thing before you start fighting. If you drag a hero and release them, they will attack in the direction on the arrow.

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During a turn, you may move any of your allies in any order you choose. Defeat all enemies within 15 turns. You can find the hero you summoned under manage. Select the hero you will place from the right. Active skills - do you see how the heroes here all have full gauges above their heads? When the gauge hits 100%, active skills can be used. Whenever a hero takes an action, their active skill gauge will increase a little bit. Touch the portrait of the hero whose skill you wish to use and drag upwards.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: A priest that grants a barrier to allies at the start of battle. Mage - deals splash damage when colliding into enemies. Remember, not all skills will immediately take effect. Some skills need you to take an action once you activate them. Usually you can level hero up through adventures. By completing adventures, you gain experience. And another way - to level up a hero, you have to sacrifice another hero. By using the EXP fairy, you'll be able to gain more EXP than using other heroes. The level cap depends on the hero's rank. And to attain a level higher than that - promote.
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Tutorial Finger Knights(wiki): Dark mages fire a magic missile that penetrates through enemies. Pull the screen and release to make your hero charge. Lightly drag the priest to shoot a ranged healing shot. Priests restore their HP if they do not take an action for one turn. Performs melee attacks on enemies, penetrating a % of their DEF. Missions - here's where you can see which quests are available. There are daily and weekly quests, as well as missions and achievements. Completing various quests give you bonus rewards.
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Instructions Finger Knights: Missions are divided into chapters. Unlike with daily and weekly quests, there is no time limit. When you complete a chapter, you will be given a bonus reward. Work hard and let's eat something delicious.

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